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Density means..
The degree od blackness of the x-ray
Dense tissue structures that do not permit the passage of
X-radiation through them on to the
film is called...
The more radiopaque a structure,
the lighter it appears
Radiolucent is the term used to decribe
less dense tissue and materials
that do not permit the X-radiation
to pass through on to the dental film.
The more Radiolucent a structure
the darker it appears
Contrast is...
The difference in density
(darkness and lightness)
of various areas of the radiograph
Something is said to be
opaque when..
It has the ability to block the passage
of light
The inherent properties of dental
film when developed include..
Density,contrast,detail and definiton
A radiograph is a two dimensional
representation of a...
three-dimensional object
When takeing a periapical film
of a cuspid the film is placed...
vertically and parallel to the long
axis of the cuspid and the raised dot
is at the incisal edge
When taking a periapical of a premolar
or molar the film is placed..
Horizontally, and the raised dot is
at the occlusal surface