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describe an xray cassette
rigid, lightproof film holder designed to hold the film & intensifying screens in close contact
intensifying screens convert x-ray radiation into ____ ____ which produces a ____ ____ onto the film
visible light, latent image
a cassette should be cleaned with ____ & ____
mild soap & water
3 properties that determine the efficiency of a screen
1- must have high level of xray absorption
2- must have high xray-to-light conversion
3- there must be little/no afterglow once radiation has ceased
intensifying screens are sheets of ____ ____ _____
luminescent phosphor crystals
you can use ____ mAs settings when intensifying screens are used
when the phospor crystals are struck by xradiation, the crystals ____
the 4 layers of an intensifying screen
1- base
2- reflective
3- phosphor crystal
4- protective