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True of False: Most modern radiographic equipment is equipped with automatic exposure control devices:
True of False: One problem with the use of automatic exposure devices is over dependence resulting in a lack of ability to work with manual techniques:
When using automatic exposure control devices "AEC" what exposure factor is selected by the AEC?
When using AEC the radiographer would or would not set the KVp:
When using AEC if the Kvp is high the patient dose is relatively high or low?
When using AEC if the Kvp is high the radiographic contrast will be relatively high or low?
When using AEC the Radiographer does or does not set the mAs?
does not
When using back up time the time set should be set to no more than what amount?
Twice the expected mAs
Where it the ionization type AEC chamber is located:
Between the patient and the image receptor.
True or False: The number of chambers used for AEC may vary:
True or False: The choice of field is not an important factor in the use of AEC:
If when radiographing the spine the chamber used is positioned under the lung the resulting radiograph will be:
Under exposed
AEC is or is not recommended for barium studies like the small bowel:
is not
Automatic exposure control devices are used to keep what radiographic quality equal on all patients?
The maximum time that an AEC exposure will continue is known at what?
Back up time
Which type of automatic exposure control device is the most accurate?
Ionization chamber
What might be the probable cause of a lack of density in barium enema air contrast radiograph taken in conjunction with an automatic exposure control device?
Air located above the AEC cell
When radiographing the lumbar spine in the lateral position if the abdomen instead of the spine is located above the sensor, would the radiograph be diagnostic?