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What were black codes?
These laws aimed to control freed men adn women and to enable plantation owners to take advantage of African American workers. The black codes reestablished slavery in disguise.
What was the Civil Rights Act of 1866?
The act granted full citizenship to African Americans and gave the federal governemtn the power to intervene in state affairs to protect black's rights.
What are the geographic divisions of the South?
They are divided into states.
Which military district contained only one state?
The 1st, and the state was Virginia.
What law was passed in Mississippi under the Black Codes?
If a former slave had a child and the slave could not take care of the child, teh child could be taken on as an unpaid apprentice/slaves to former owners.
What law was passed in South Carolina under the Black Codes?
Blacks could only have certain jobs
How did the Southerners try to keep the ex-slaves from having full citizenship?
By passing poll taxes and literacy tests. They made the Grandather Claus so that white people could avoid these polls/tests. The Grandfather Claus said that if your grandfather or father could read then you could vote. They also made curfews for the ex-slaves and segragation.
What was the importance of Plessy vs. Ferguson?
That if a ex-slave thought anything was unfair and they took it to the Supreme Court, the South would always win the case becuase they had the Supreme Court.
Explain the origional KKK.
a group in every Southern state would get together and talk about how bad the South was. The group was very smart. Their name meant cirlce of friends and their Motto was chivalry, humanity, mercy, and patrionism.
What happened to the KKK after time?
A lot of people joined the KKK and it got so out of hand that people started harassing and torturing blacks and white people that were helping out blacks. Their motto turned into perserve white power.
How did the KKK dress?
In white hoods and sheets on their horses because they wanted to look like ghosts of confederate soldiers to the slaves and they wanted to hide their identity.
What did Johnson do about the KKK?
He declares the KKK a vigilance group, and that the governemnt is not going to get involved0 they let the local governments deal with it. But, not much was done about the KKK because the state government was probabaly controled by members of the KKK.