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How do you store film?
* temp no greater than 68-70
* humidity - 40-60%
* stored on end - NOT flat
* if stored flat=pres. marks
Film is protected frm the following to prevent inc. density and fog...
1. radiation
2. Fumes
3. Outdating
4. Light
Handling film
* Pressure marks-stored flat
* static
* crinkle/half moom marks
Static caused by...
* static buildup on tray
* static buildup loading bench
* low humidity in darkrm
* sliding film frm tray -should be placed
Half moon / crescent marks
* bending over fingernail when hlding
* other rough handling
Intensifying screens -
Base of film or backing
*made of polyester
*mounted inside cassette - prs
dbl emulsion film
Supercoat - Emulsion - Adhesive - Base - Adhesive - Emulsion - Supercoat
Intensifying screens
Reflectv Layer
*between base and actv layer
*reflects light frm crystals toward film
*increasing speed
Intensifying screen makeup
Protectv layer
Phosphor layer
Reflective layer / absorbing
Instensifying screens
Actv layer - Phosphor
*adheres to base
*phosphors glow with visible lght when struck by radiation
*phosphor size decrease - resolution increases
Resolution is measured in...
* line pairs per mm
What is a resolution grid?
resolution quality control test -
it is radiographed so that the image can be evaluated
Intensifying screen
Protectv layer
*thin coating on top of avtc layer to avoid scratches and other damage
Screen speed (sensativity)
*Phosphor used
*Phosphor size - lrg, fast
*Phosphor layer thickness - thicker, faster
*efficiency or reflctv layer - more eff, faster
*yellow dye in actv layer - yellow absorbs some phosphors light and reduces speed
*conversion efficiency-ability of phosphors to absorb xray energy and it convert it to visible light rays; higher conversions-faster screens