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This is the abbreviation for absorbed dose
What is rad?
This type of personnel monitoring system provides an immediate reading.
What is a pocket dosimeter?
This unit of dose equivalent is used to express radiation exposure in living tissue.
What is rem?
Lithium fluoride crystals are found in this type of monitoring system.
What is a TLD?
thermoluminescent dosimeter
A reading of “M” represents this meaning
What is a minimum reading?
When a photon reacts with an electron & the resulting photon has the same energy but moves in a different direction, it is called this.
What is unmodified scattering?
After the primary beam emerges from the patient, it is called this.
What is exit radiation?
This type of interaction delivers the highest exposure to the radiographer
What is Compton
This type of interaction occurs above 1.02 MeV
What is pair production
This type of interaction is the only photon-tissue interaction that does not result in ionization
What is Coherent scattering
Positive beam limitation is referred to as this
What is automatic collimation
GSD represents this
What is genetically significant dose
Annihilation reaction is
What is the conversion of mass into energy
This is the time it takes for a radioactive material to ½ its atom disintegrate
What is half-life
A decrease in exposure rate caused by the passage of material is referred to as this.
What is attenuation
5 rem = this amount of mSv
What is 50 mSv
1 rad is = this this amount of grays
What is 0.01 grays
This type of radiation is the least penetrating
What is alpha?
This setting controls the difference in tissue absorption
What is the kVp setting
Atomic number is also referred to as this
What is the Z number
This type of radiation is monoenergetic
What is gamma radiation
This describes the rate at which energy is deposited in the form of a charged particle as it travels through matter
What is LET
This is a term used to describe loss of hair
What is epilation
Photon-tissue interaction that involves K-Shell electrons is represented by this type of interaction with matter
What is photoelectric interaction
This is the only photon-tissue interaction that involves an incident photon & atomic nucleus.
What is pair production