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What is the cause of an Iliac Wing fx?
Caused by a direct force trauma from the lateral direction, causing splitting of the wing.
What is the AKA (also known as) for a Iliac Wing Fx?
Duverney's Fx
Is an Iliac Wing fx stable or unstable...and why?
It is stable, because the large mucles around it prevent separation of the fx fragments.
Iliac Wing Fx are more common with what bone condition?
What age group is most susceptible to Iliac Wing fx?
The elderly
What is the name of the most common fx of the pelvis?
Malgaigne's Fx
Malgaigne's fx displays what radiographic findings?
There is an ipsilateral double vertical fx of the superior pubic ramus and the ischiopubic ramus, with a fx or dislocation of the SI joint.

Fx of L5 TP is sometimes present.
What forces cause a malgaine's fx?
Vertical shearing forces to the pelvis
What are possible complications of a Malgaigne's fx?
Rupture of the diaphragm and bowel.
Is a Malgaine's fx unstable or stable?
Unstable, and associated with high morbidity and mortality rate.
Describe a Bucket-Handle Fx
Fx of the superior public ramus and ischiopubic junction on the side opposite the oblique force that caused the fx. Also with fx or dislocation of SI joint on side of impact.
In a Bucket-Handle Fx how do the bones displace?
inward and superior displacement of the pubic component of fx
What types of traumatic events are associated with Bucket-Handle fx's?
Auto or pedestrian accidents. Associated with head injuries, thorax, and abdominal viscera.
20% of all pelvic fx's involve what part of the pelvis?
The acetabulum
If a pelvic fx is determined, what other area of the pelvis is important to check?
The acetabulum
Acetabular fx's are a result of indirect injury. To what other structures are injuries to the acetabulum a result?
Injuries to the foot, knee, and greater trochanter
What are the four types of acetabular fx's?
1. Post rim fx (dashboard fx)
2. Simple post column fx
3. Central acetabular fx (explosion fx)
4. Simple ant column fx
Acetabular Fx
What type of acetabular fx is a result of a blow to the knee, w/ leg in FADD, often with posterior dislocation of the hip and is associated with 1/3 of acetabular fx's?
Posterior Rim Fx (Dashboard Fx's)
Acetabular Fx
What is an uncommon fx of the acetabulum, which results in (AP) illioischial line displaced medially and separated from teardrop?
Simple Posterior Column Fx
Acetabular Fx
What is the most common acetabular fx?
The Central Acetabular Fx (Explosion Fx)
What type of pelvic fx typically involves a tuberosity or bony process?
Avulsion fx of the ilium
What part of the ilium is involved in Avulsion of the Ilium fx's?
the apophysis or epiphysis
Who are more predisposed to avulsion fx's of the ilium?
Adolescents and athletes
Avulsion fx's of the ilium are similar to what other known avulsion fx of the tibia?
Osgood Schlauters
An ASIS avulsion fx is caused by what muscle?
The Sartorius
An AIIS Avulsion fx is caused by the pulling of what muscle?
The Rectus Femoris
What types of people commonly get AIIS avulsion fx's?
Athletes: Rugby, soccer, football, track (sprinters)
Osteochondroma is a ddx for what types of fx after the fx has healed?
ASIS fx and AIIS fx
What is a comminuted fx of the pubic arches called?
A Straddle (or Saddle) Fx
What is the mechanism of injury for a Straddle fx?
A direct blow to the pubic symphisis
What is the most common unstable injury of the pelvis?
A straddle fx
A straddle fx displays what findings on radiograph?
Bilateral vertical fx of the superior pubic rami and ischiopubic junctions
What type of fx causes a central fx fragment that displaces posterior and superior, resulting in pressure on the ventral surface of the bladder?
A straddle fx
What internal organ and associated parts are damaged in a Straddle Fx?
A ruptured bladder and urethral tear occurs in 20% of patients
If a patient had a bladder rupture and urethral tear, what imaging methods best enable the doctor to identify it?
Urethrography and cystography
A symphysis pubis avulsion is caused by what muscles?
The adductor muscles
In a symphysis pubis avulsion, bone is torn from what part of the pubis?
From the superior or inferior pubic ramus
What is the differential diagnosis for a symphysis pubis avulsion fx?
osteitis pubis
What is the named avulsion fracture of the ischial tuberosity by the hamstrings or apophysitis?
Rider's Bone
In Rider's Bone, how does it frequently heal?
Healing involves an unexplained overgrowth of the avulsed apophysis often leaving a wide gap.
What is the name of the avulsion fracture associated with chronic repetitive stress seen in horseback riders?
Rider's bone
Osteochondroma is a differential diagnosis for what bone fx's?
Rider's bone, ASIS avulsion fx, AIIS avulsion fx
What is the aka for "Sprung Pelvis?"
Open Book Pelvis
What is the name of the severe injury of the pelvis where there is a separation of the pubic symphysis and one or both of the SI joints?
Sprung Pelvis (aka, Open Book Pelvis)
Sprung Pelvis can result in severe damage to what viscera?
Rupture of the urethra
What injury represents a shearing separation of the pubic symphysis?
Pubic Diastasis
True or false...there is a bilateral dislocation of the SI joints in Pubic Diastasis?
False. There is a unilateral dislocation.
What is the normal distance between the normal pubic symphysis in non pregnant females?
What is the normal distance between the normal pubic symphysis in children?
What are the associated soft tissue injuries in pelvic fx's? Name as many as you can.
Vascular injuries: intrapelvic hemorrhage due to laceration of large blood vessels.

Ecchymosis (hemorrhage or bruise under skin) of scrotum, labia, inguinal area and buttock

Bladder and urethral injuries

Bowel injuries

Diaphragm injuries