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what does yacheed mean
what does ayn...aleh... mean
not blank except blank
What does ptoor mean
Rabbi eliezer warns one for making their prayers what
What does rabbi yehoshua say to do if ur in a dnagerous situation
say a special short prayer
According to the rabbis, how do you concentrate like the best
facing object
Towards what object is one sposed to face [when praying]?
what does lihachzeer or yachzeer mean
return/to turn back
what does leechvan
to direct
what does kineged mean
mishnah zayeen - does rabbi eliezer say u need a minyan for musaf or not?
do sages say u need minyan for musaf
says u can with or without
what does rabbi yehuda say on the musaf - minyan?
in the name of rabbi elieer ben azaryah any place theres a minyan an individual is exempt from musaf
if someone was riding a donkey he should do wut to pray
get off
what if someone cant get off their donkey to pray?
direct his face
what if you cant get off ur donkey or direct ur face?
direct heart