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Hidden, concealed, difficult to understand,obscure
Recondite (adj)
To engage in reconnaissance, make a preliminary inspection of
Reconnoiter (v)
Leaning, resting, prone
Recumbent (adj)
Fragrant, suggestive or evocative
Redolent (adj)
Awe-inspiring; worth of honor
Redoubtable (adj)
Radiant; shiny; brilliant
Refulgent (adj)
To disprove, successfully argue against
Refute (v)
To delight or entertain, feast
Regale (v)
To forcibly assign, especially to a lower place or positions
Relegate (v)
To protest, object
Remonstrate (V)
Rmonstrations or remonstrances (n)
To fail to honor a commitment, go back on a promise
Renege (v)
Torn, split apart, pierced as by a sound
Rent (v)
Rend = present tnese
To feel or express dejection or discontent, long for
Repine (v)
To refuse to have anything to do with, disown
Repudiate (v)
To invalidate, repeal, retract
Rescind (v)
Adamant, steadfast, determined
Resolute (adj)
Opposite of resolute
Quiet, reserved, reluctant to express thoughts and feelings
Reticent (adj)
Marked by, feeling, or expressing a feeling of profound awe and respect
Reverent (adj)
Strong feeling of awe or respect
Lack of feeling or awe
The art or study of effective use of language for communciation and persuasion
Rhetoric (n)
Pretentious or insincere language
Rhetoric (negative)
Persuasive effect
Authoritative rule, heading, title, or category
Rubric (n)
Regret, feel remorse
Rue (v)
Expressing sorrow