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To complain about bitterly
Rail (v)
To be divided ro subdivided, branch out
Ramify (v)
devlopments or consequences grwonig out of something
Characterized by bitter, long-lasting resentment
Rancorous (adj)
Bitter, long lasting resentment itself
Rancor (n)
Voracious, greedy, plundering, subsisting on prey
Rapacious (adj)
Avarice, or the practice of extorting or exacting by injustices
To mek or become thin, less dense, refine
Rarefy (v)
Riddle, a representation of words by pictures or symbols that sound like the words
Rebus (n)
Obstinately defiant of authority or guidance, difficult to manage
Recalcitrant (adj)
To retract, especially a previously held belief
Recant (v)