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What is the dibucaine number?
Normal = 80
Heterozygous = 40-60
Homozygous = 20
What is the Tracheal capillary pressure?
25-35 mmHG
What is the waiting period after high dose Lovenox administration before doing neuraxial block?
24 hrs
Renal failure from fluoride toxicity from VA resembles what?
Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
What is the most common cause of postop hypoxemia?
V/Q mismatch from small airway collapse and ATX
Risk factors for V/Q mismatch?
Old aga


Obstructive lung disease
maneuvers to decrease v/q mismatch and improve lung volumes?
sitting position


deep breathing
Hypocalcemia from accidental removal of parathyroid gland occurs after what time period?
12-24 hrs
Trreatment for dystonic reactions to reglan, droperidol, phenergan?
What is the mechanism of median nerve injury?
IV injury at AC fossa or neurotoxic drugs such as thiopental
Signs of median nerve injury?
Inability to adduct thumb and small finger
Pheochromocytoma is typically associated with what?
Medulllary carcinoid of thyroid
Onset of delirium tremens occurs how long after cessation of ETOH?
What is the relative contraindication for a tracheal resection?
need for possible mechanical intubation postop.
Extreme digitalis sensistivity can occur with what electrolyte abnormality?
What is the rule to determine how much a 3 yo child weighs?
Term baby weighs 3.5kg + 3.5 at 5 mos. At one year 3x birth weight = 10kg. Each year beyond 1 - 6 yr add 2kg.
3 yo = 14kg
What is the rule for PO intake before surgery in pediatric population?
2 - 4 - 6 - 8 Rule:
2 hrs for clears
4 hrs for breast mild
6 hrs for formula or light meal
8 hrs for solid meals
Normal CNS CBF = ?
Cause of Diabetes Insipidus?

Decrease ADH

treat with DDAVP
Would damage to bilateral superior laryngeal nerve cause upper airway obstruction?
No. Because it innervates the cricothryoid muscle and sensory to the pharynx above the vocal cords
What does the PADSS (post -anesthestic discharge scoring system) assess?
stable vss
controlled pain
absence of n/v
minimal bleeding
Symptoms of MH?
HTN & Tachycardia
respiratory acidosis
metabolic acidosis
muscle rigidity
Disease that can mimic MH?
Alcohol withdrawal
cocaine toxicity
How does bleomycin manifest itself with pulm toxicity?
pulmonary fibrosis & hypoxemia
What is should be avoided in pt with bleomycin pulm toxicity?
high FIO2. Should be <0.3
What is injected into the intravitreal for eye surgery?

How long is the wait to decreased risk of increasing intaocular pressure
sulfur hexafluoride

10 days
What airway complication can occur with pt s/p thyroid sx?
Hypocalcemia causing stridor, laryngospasm, and upper airway obstruction.
What can be used to decrease shivering?
Clonidine & Demerol
Side effects of clonidine?
bradycardia and dry mouth
if pt sat is >90% what is the best way to increase O2 delivery?
by transfusing blood
What muscle relaxants to avoid with Huntington's chorea? Why?
Sux because of decrease concentration of pseudocholinesterases
PFTs result that is associated with increased risk for pneumonectomy?
FEV1 <50% of FVC
FEV1 < 2L
Max breathing capacity < 50%
RV/TLC >50%
hypercarbia on ABG
Is measured PaO2 greater or less when the patient is cooler that the electrode (37 degree C)?
6% per degree
What properties of muscle relaxants should be avoided in someone with pheochromocytoma?
avoid muscle relaxants with histamine release or increase in SNS
What is the most commonly damage nerve in the lower extremity?
common peroneal nerve
symptoms of common peroneal nerve?
1)foot drop
2)inability to dorsal extension of toes
3) inability to evert foot
Which condition causes flaccid paralaysis with NDMR?
Most common cause of unexpected admission for scheduled outpatient surgery?
What is Fenoldopam used for?

1)severe hypertension

2)selective dopamine-1 receptor agonist with vasodilating properties
How do you replace VIII in hemophiliacs?
with Cryoprecipitate
%age of VIII necessary for major surgery in hemophiliacs?
What coagulation test should be done for hemphilia A?
ST elevation in lead II and complete heart block would indicate ischemia from which coronary artery?
RCA supply the AV node
Does hypo/hyperthyroid affect MAC?
What is use to treat carcinoid syndrome?
Somatostatin (analog of octreotid)
Testicular innvervation is as high as what level?
Lowest - highest GCS?
3 - 15
What will carboxyhemoglobin do to SaO2?
falsly elevated