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Who said: "Speech is a result of innate ideas coming forth from the brain."
What is the reference to the quote, "The ears are the gates to salvation."?
Romans 10:17
Who is known as "The First Known Teacher of Deaf Children"?
Pedro Ponce de Leon, a spanish monk
Who wrote, "Sounds and the Art of Teaching the Dumb to Speak"?
Juan Pablo Bonet
Who wrote, "The Marvels of Nature"?
Ramirez de Carrion
Who wrote the book, "Philocophus"?
John Bulwar
This quote is associated to whom:

"To hear with the Eye"
John Bulwar
Who said, "I have hopes of an International Sign Language"?
John Bulwar
Who carries the following title:

"Father of the Writing Method"
John Wallis, England
Who is considered, "The Father of the Oral Method"
Dr. William Holder, England
Who wrote, "The Elements of Speech"
Dr. William Holder, England
John Baker is best known for his -
High Fees and Secret Methods
Who wrote, "The Origins of Speech"?
John Konrad Amman, England
Who holds the following title:

"The Apostle of the deaf"
Abbe de l'Eppe
Who holds the highest French government award, "Benefactor of Mankind"?
Abbe de l'Eppe
What is "The Branch Method" and who is it associated to?
A forerunner of bilingual education.

The Branch Method combines writign, signing, and fingerspelling in educating deaf students
Who established "The First Private Deaf School" in the French Education System?
Abbe de l'Eppe.

He established the French Deaf Education
Which men are most associated to the Oral/Manual Controversy?
Oral - Samuel Heinicke
Manual - Abbe de l'Eppe
Who established "The First State funded school for the deaf"
Abbe Stork, Austria
Which school is considered "The First Special Education School" that is funded by the State of California?
California School for the Deaf
This individual is credited with obtaining state funds to build the school that ultimate was named, "California School for the Deaf"
Pomeroy Clark, received 10k
Who holds the title, "The First Deaf Man to become a Deaf Teacher in California"
H.B. Crandall
Name the individual who is considered, "The First Teacher hired for CSD"
H.B. Crandall
What is considered, "The 100 Year War"?
The controversy between the Oral and Manual Method
What is the name of the school that is "The First Permanent Oral School for the Deaf"
Clark School for the Deaf, North Hampton, MA, USA
Who established the "First Oral Day School" in Boston, MA, USA?
Sarah Fuller
What was the original name of "The Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf"?
Volta Bureau Organization
What is "The First International Conference for Teachers of the Deaf"?
The Milan Conference, Italy
Name the man that was elected "VP of the First Internation Congress of the Deaf".
Douglas Tilden
What was the main impact of "The Milan Conference, Italy"?
Resolution that education for the deaf focus on The Oral Method
What is the impact of the 1st International Congress of the Deaf resolution to endorse a "Combined System"?
Deaf individuals excluded from teaching elementary levels of schooling because they can not hear/speak

Signing in classes prohibited
Who associated with the legacy of British deaf schools?
Thomas Braidwood, Legacy of Braidwood Deaf Schools
Who is honored as "The First Teacher of the deaf in the United States"?
John Braidwood
Which man established deaf education in the United States?
Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
What is the name of "The First Permanent Residential School" in the United States?
American Asylum for Education of the Deaf and Dumb
The "American Asylum for Education of the Deaf and Dumb" school was later named with this title.
The American School for the Deaf
Name the man who holds the following title:

"The First Deaf Teacher of the deaf in the United States"
Laurent Clerc
What is the significance of the AID Convention?
AID = American Instructor of the Deaf

Resolution that Deaf School purpose is to teach a trade to deaf students
Who became the "President of Kendall Deaf School"?
Edward Miner Gallaudet
Who established a deaf school in Washington, D.C.?
Amos Kendall
What is the name of the "First National School for the Deaf"?
Columbia Institute
Columbia Institute later becomes -
Gallaudet University, 1988
What year was the first hearing aid developed?
What year was the first audiometer created?
The Multiple Handicap Legislature in 1960 influenced what major results?
1. Captioned Films & Media Services
2. Teacher Preparation Program for Special Education
Name the man that oversaw "The Commission to Study the Quality of Education of the Deaf"
Homer Babbidge/Babbage
Who declared, "Education for the deaf is a miserable failure"?
Homer Babbidge/Babbage
Which man recommended the establishment of a Model Secondary School for the deaf?
Homer Babbidge/Babbage
In 1967, NTID, Rochester NY was built? Why?
In direct response to the Babbidge Study. A subsidiary of the Rochester Institute of Technology, it offers more liberal arts than technical training.
What is the name of the individual who currently heads the NTID?
Dr. Robert Davilla
Who holds the following title:

"The First Deaf Individual to obtain a PhD AND The First Deaf Individual in a high government position, Assistant Secretary of Special Education & Resource Services."
Dr. Robert Davilla
Who is the "First Graduate of CSD (Berkeley) to get a PhD?
Dr. Robert Davilla
What is COED?
Commission on Education of the Deaf, 1986
What is MSSD?
Model Secondary School for the Deaf; established at Gallaudet University
What is P.L. #94-142?
Public Law #94-142 = Education of All Handicapped Children Act: Mandatory service at no expense to parents
Who holds the title, "The First Deaf President for Gallaudet University"?
Dr. I. King Jordan
Deaf President Now!
a Civil Rights Movement
Deaf President Now! made four demands:
1. Removal of Zinser (7th elected Pres)
2. Removal of Spillman (BOT Head)
3. 51% deaf representation on Board of Trustees
4. No reprisals towards protesters
Deaf President Now! / Name 4 significant Impacts
1. Deaf Pride - Deaf Community Solidarity
2. Technological Advances in Communication Devices
3. Awareness
4. Opportunities in Job & Education