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sacellum, sacelli
amatus, amata, amatum
loved, beloved
candidus, candida -um
bright, clear, transparent
desino, desinere, desivi, desitus
give up; abandon; stop, leave off, cease, desist
fulcio, fulcire, fulsi, fultus
prop up, support
fulgeo, fulgere, fulsi, -
flash, shine; glow, gleam, glitter, shine forth, be bright
perditus, perdita, perditum
ruined; degenerate; reckless; helples
stuprum, stupri
dishonor, shame; (illicit) sexual intercourse
vitium, viti(i)
fault, vice, crime, sin; defect
ventito, ventitare, ventitavi, ventitatus
keep coming; come regularly, come often; resort
certus, certa -um
fixed, settled, firm; certain
cito, citius, citissime
quickly/fast/speedily, with speed
decoquo, decoquere, decoxi, decoctus
jus, juris
merces, mercedis
pay, recompense, hire, salary, reward
very much; too much
opinor, opinari, opinatus sum
suppose, imagine
scortum, scorti
harlot, prostitute; male prostitute; skin, hide
-, vicis
turn, change, succession
crinis, crinis
hair; lock of hair
concretus, concreta -um
foedo, foedare, foedavi, foedatus
defile; pollute; disfigure, disgrace; sully
ora, orae
shore, coast
os, oris
mouth, speech, expression
serenus, serena, serenum
clear, fair, bright; serene
besides, beyond
varius, varia, varium
voltus, voltus
face, expression; looks
arbustus, arbusta, arbustum
planted/set with trees; tree covered
mulgeo, mulgere, mulsi, mulsus
milk (an animal); extract (milk
parce, parcius, parcissime
sparingly, moderately
sucus, suci
juice, sap; moisture
vetus, veteris
old/ancient times (pl)
pecu, pecus
herd, flock; cattle
pecus, pecudis
sheep; animal
limen, liminis
threshold, entrance; lintel; house
cogo, cogere, coegi, coactus
collect/gather, round up, restrict/confine
prosterno, prosternere, prostravi, prostratus
knock over, lay low; strike down, overthrow; exaust
serpo, serpere, serpsi, serptus
crawl; move slowly on, glide; creep on
aes, aeris
money, pay, fee, fare
hortor, hortari, hortatus sum
encourage; cheer; incite; urge; exhort
delphinis, delphinos/is
aestas, aestatis
cantus, cantus
song, chant
sumptus, sumptus
cost, charge, expense
certus, certa -um
fixed, settled, firm