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Who was the first female Colorado FFA president?
Denise Tappy
Who was the first National FFA president?
Leslie Applegate
What is a range site?
An area of a range with similar soil slope and moisture.
What color lense is required to ARC weld?
What do the letters MIG stand for in welding?
Metal Innert Gasses
What breed of Dairy cattle is the smallest?
Name the six breeds of dairy cattle.
Gurnsey, Jersey, Shorthorn, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Holstein.
Name the three common british breeds of beef cattle.
Shorthorn, hereford, angus
What color is a hampshire swine?
Black with a white belt.
In a meeting when the president says members why are we here you say?
To practice brotherhood, honor agricultural oportunities and responsibilities and develop those qualities of leadership which an FFA member should posess.
What is the sentinel stationed by?
The door.
How often are officers elected at the national level?
Anually and cannot be reelelcted.
What two words are enscribed in the FFA emblem?
Agricultural Education
What breed of horse has a dished face?
What do the letters BST stand for?
Bovine Somatriptropin.