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___ melt metals use the process called melt atomization to make their powders
low temperature
in order, after the powders are made, the processes necessary to accomplish making a p/m part are
blended, compacted, and sintered
compaction of the powders can achieve nearly 98% of
theoretical density
high temperature melt metals use __ to make their powders
spark atomization
one advantage of using p/m
high production rate
one disadvantage of using p/m
material cost
No oxygen
The joining method using an adhesive is called
The joining of metals using heat and a filler metal whose melting temperature is between 450 C and the melting point of the materials being joined
When the gas welding process uses a flame with too much acetylene, the flame is called
EBW (electron beam welding)
Uses beam of electrons and uses a vacuum system
ERW (Electron resistance spot welding)
The welding process that uses the heat generated by electrical resistance is called this
The tee joint would use a weld geometry called this weld
friction welding
The welding method that uses a friction for energy is called
gmaw (gas metal arc welding)
The arc welding method that uses a continuous electrode and bottled gas is called
gtaw (gas tungsten arc welding)
Arc welding process that uses a tungsten non-consumable electrode
heat affected zone (HAZ)
The area adjacent to the weld that is affected by the weld and is usually reduced in strength is called this
laser beam welding (LBW)
Uses photons for energy
A gas flame that has the correct oxygen level is called this flame
More oxygen in the flame
SAW (Submerged arc welding)
The arc welding method that uses flux from a hopper is called
Uses a bare, continuous, consumable electrode and flux to physically exclude the oxygen
Joining of metals using heat and a filler metal whose melting temperature is below 450 C
Reusable things (one part)
An epoxy joint uses an adhesive of the type…
Two part adhesives are always of the type called
USW (Ultrasound welding)
When sound energy is used as the source of energy for welding plastics, this process is used
weld lobe
To find the correct combination of welding time and amperage for erw welding, a diagram called this is used
The process where two metals are permanently joined together through localized coalescence resulting from temperature, pressure, metallurgical conditions
flame temperature, stand off, speed
To make a good oxyfuel weld, you need three things to be correct.
room temperature, elevated temperature, anaerobic
Adhesives cure under conditions of
temperature, pressure, mettalurgical conditions
To make a weld, three conditions must be met
welding, brazing, soldering, bonding
Hottest first, list the four joining methods in decreasing heat order
one part
All thermoplastic adhesives are
SMAW (Shielded metal arc welding)
The electrode is coated, discrete, and consumable.
The gas is self-generated.
has Flux.
GMAW (Gas metal arc welding)
The electrode is bare, continuous, and consumable.
The gas is in bottles.
No flux.
GTAW (Gas tungsten arc welding)
The electrode is bare, continuous, and consumable and made of tungsten.
Gas in bottles.
No flux.
SAW (Submerged arc welding)
Electrode is Bare, continuous, consumable.
No gas.
Has flux.