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The distance beneath the ocean's surface at which wave activity ceases to create water movement is called:
Wave base
Numerous small lakes and ponds dot the landscape of central Florida. These lakes were most likely formed by
Solution and collapse of limestone.
Geyser eruption is primarily controlled by which of the following?
The effect of pressure on the boiling point of water
A eustatic lowering of sea level will result in a(n) __________ of streams flowing into it
Increased competence.
The tower karst of southern China is a result of:
Solution weathering
A tectonically emergent coastline is usually characterized by:
Stacks, arches, and wave-cut marine terraces
The wave base for a certain size wave is 12 meters. The wave length of this wave is:
24 meters.
The path a water particle makes as the wave encounters depths equal to or less than its wave base is described as:
The beach is defined as occurring between:
Low tide and the highest point reached by the waves.
An acccumulation of sand that extends from a point of land out into open water is called a(n):
Which of the following is unique to alpine glaciation?
Medial moraine.
An engineered shoreline structure built with the intent of keeping a shipping channel open is called a:
Glacial tills are distinguished from glacial outwash on the basis of:
A glacial valley drowned by rising sea level is called
A fjord
The eustatic, post-Pleistocene drowning of a river valley on a coast of low relief (such as the Gulf Coast) is called a(n):
Waves striking an east-west trending shorline from the southeast will set up a longshore curent which moves to the:
There are no exposures of igneous or metamorphic rocks in the Bahamas Islands. Therefore, most of the beaches are composed of pure ______ sand.
The distance between two adjacent wave troughs is called the:
Wave length
Which rock type would make the best aquifer?
Fractured basalt
The Mississippi River carries more sediment to the coast than any other river on the continent, yet Louisiana has almost no sand beaches. This is because:
The long distance of sediment transport has caused particles to be abraded below sand size.