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In what two ways was Henry VII extremely succesful?
Foreign Policy & Financial Independence
What was the name of the Anglo-Spanish alliance made against France by Henry VII and King Ferdinand of Aragon in 1489?
Treaty of Medina del Campo
What was the dynastic alliance made to seal Spain and England's alliance?
The eventual marriage of Henry VIIs son Arthur to Ferdinand's daughter Katherine.
What marked peace for the England and France in 1492?
Treaty of Etaples.
After Arthur's death, what agreement was made regarding Katherine?
Katherine should be married to Henry VIIs second son, Henry. (Pope Julius II allowed this even though it was against canon law because it was deemed as incest)
Who did Henry VII marry his elder daugther, Margaret, to?
James IV of Scotland.
What were the 4 proponents of Henry VIIs wealth?
1. Crown Lands
2. Custom Duties
3. Feudal Rights
4. Profits of Justice
How many Parliaments did Henry VII summon in the last 12 years of his reign?
2 (due to financially independent)
What was the purpose of the Chamber?
It was designed to apply private estate management to Crown Lands.
Who were Henry VIIs financial enforcers?
Empson and Dudley.
What were the King's Council's responsibilities?
They debated current issues/policy; advised King; was responsible for the administration of the country; and was the court to remedy injustices outside of the scope of common law.
Where was the King's Council held?
Star Chamber
Which court heard criminal cases during Henry VIIs reign?
Court of King's Bench
Which court heard civil cases during Henry VIIs reign?
Court of Common Pleas
Which court heard tax cases during Henry VIIIs reign?
Exchequer Court
Which court was presided by the Lord Chancellor?
Court of Chancery
What cases did the Court of Chancery hear?
Cases outside the scope of common law
Who was the principal representative of the government in the localities (they also replaced sherrifs)?
Justices of Peace
Who was the most important figure of Henry VIIIs reign?
Thomas Wolsey
What position was Wolsey elevated to in 1509 that gave him intimate knowledge of the King?
Confessor of the King
What church ills did Wolsey personify?
1. Pluralist (2+ positions simultaneously)
2. Absenteeism
3. Simony (buying & selling of church offices)
4. Had mistress & children
Wolsey wanted to become Archbishop of Canterbury, which was held by...
William Warham
What was Wolsey elevated to in 1515 that made him the "prince of the church"?
What did the Pope make Wolsey in 1518?
Legate a Latere (direct personal representative of the Pope)
What did Wolsey build?
The palace, Yorkplace and a palace at Hampton Court
Since Wolsey died before Cardinal College at Oxford was finished, what did Henry VIII rename it?
Christ Church College
How often did Parliament meet in the firt 20 years of Henry VIIIs reign?
Total of 52 weeks.
Where was the victory of the English (led by Katherine) over the Scottish (James IV killed)
Flodden Field
What was the name of Henry VIIIs and Katherine's daughter?
What book of the Bible did Henry use to backup his case that his marriage to Katherine should be annuled?
What title did Henry VIII give to his bastard son, Henry?
Duke of Richmond
Who appeared at Henry VIIIs courts in 1524?
Ann Boleyn
How was Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, related to Katherine?
He was her nephew
Where did Charles V claim victory over the French in 1525?
Battle of Pavia
What did Henry VIII defend and write a pamphlet on?
The Seven Sacraments
What did the Pope call Henry as the result of his pamplet?
"Defender of the Faith"
Who did Charles V take captive after his invasion of Rome?
Pope Clement VII
Who was Wolsey's private secretary?
Steven Gardiner
Who was the Roman Cardinal and Bishop of Salisburg?
What mattered the most to Henry VIII that Wolsey failed at?
The annulment of his marriage to Katherine
What was the name of Parliament that was held from 1529-1536?
The Reformation Parliament.