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advocate (verb0
to speak in favor of
The president advocated going to war.
legacy (noun)
The legacy of our former principal continues now with Dr. T.
convocation (noun)
an assemby or gathering
The convoction was to celebrate Bon Jovi's birthday.
voc (root)
voice; call
invoke (verb)
to call on for a blessing, help, etc.
The child invoked the priest for forgiveness.
legitimate (adjective)
to make legal
The legitimate case was taken up by the lawyer.
vociferous (adjective)
shouting loudly
The vociferous crowd was thrille by Bon Jovi.
ILE: root
related to
evoke (verb)
to call out from the past; (like a memory or spirit)
When I do the eg board, we evoke spirits.
versatile (adjective)
having various talents;
The versatile clown jumped on the trampoline and made the crowd laugh.
provoked (verb)
to call forth anger; instigate
The crowd provoked the two boys in a fight.
Ruled by one supreme ruler
futile (adjective)
ineffectual; useless
The students effort to get out of detention was futile.
legislative (adj)
having the power to make a law; The legislative branch of government makes laws.
agile (adjective)
The gymnast is very agile.
docile (adjective0
easy to teach and discipline
The docile sat attentively in class.
autonomous (adjective)
self governing;
The autonomous country elected a new president.
projectile (noun)
an object that is thrown;like a rocket
leg (root
tactile (adjective)
perceived through touch;
The visually impaired person learned through tactile methods.
a story of someone's life written by themselves
auto (root)
Automaton (noun)
The new automaton helped make CDs.
illegitimate (adjective)
born to unmarried parents; unlawful
The child was illegitimate because her parents never married.