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If you are using warning signs to warn workers of a hazard and at some point the hazard no longer exist, what must you do with the warning signs
Remove them.
A danger sign shall only be used at what type of hazard?
Caution signs shall only be used at what type of hazard?
How high must the letters of an "Exit" sign be?
6 inches
All Traffic control signs or devices must conform to what national consensus standard?
MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) under ANSI
When operatons are such that signs, signals, and barricades do not provide the necessary protection on or adjecent to a highway or street, what other protection must be provided?
Flaggers paddles must be at least ____ inches in diameter with letters at least ____ inches high.
18 inches, 6 inches
At night Flaggers garments must be reflectorized. What color must those garments be?
What documents must a Flagger have in their possession?
Flagger's Certification Card
What is the exception to the requirement of a flagger having a card?
An emergency
The general requirements of WAC 296-155-350 Require all hand and power tools to be maintained in what type of condition?
Safe condition
Belts, gears, shafts, pulleys, sprockets, etc. shall be equipped with what?
Impact tools, such as drift pins, wedges and chisels, shall be kept free of what type of heads?
Electric power operated tools shall either be approved double-insulated type or ________ in accordance with the WAC standards.
Be powered by low voltage or grounded
Who is permitted by the WAC standard to operate powder actuated tools?
Qualified trained operator only
How many seperate and distinct operations by the operator does it take to actuate a powder actuated tool?
2 (held against work surface & Operating trigger)
If a misfire of the powder acuated tool occurs, how long must the operator firmly hold the tool against the surface?
30 seconds, if it still doesn't fire wait 30 more seconds.
Hand held and hand fed saes must be equipped with what kind of guard
Blade guard
What national standard is applicable to woodworking tools?
ANSI 926-300-307
What are the basic things a Inspector will do on a job site inspection?
Opening conference, walk through, closing conference.
What are the four elements of an Accident Prevention Program?
Hazard assessment, hazzard correction, safety & health training, and communication
According to the STUTE WRD, what must an Accident prevention Program be to help prevent/reduce liability?
Effective in practice
The footing or anchorage for scaffolds must be sound, rigid and capable of supporting the maximum intended load. Explain how this could be accomplished.
With mud sills & base plates
Who must supervise the erection and dismantling of a scaffold?
Competent Person
Scaffolds and their components must be capable of supporting without failure ____ times the maximum intended load.
4 times
At what height (from the scaffolding platform) must a guardrail be provided on all open sides and ends of a scaffold?
10 ft
To prevent movement of a scaffold, the scaffold must be tied into the structure at what intervals?
26' vertical

30' horizontal
A scaffold plank must extend how far over the end support?

12" counting both sections where they overlap
The poles of a pump jack scaffold shall bear on what kind of foundation?
Even elevation w/ sturdy base
The occupant of a boom supported scaffold shall wear a full body harness and lanyard attached to the boom or basket.

True or False
How far from a high voltage power one must a worder and/or their equipment remain according to the WAC 296-155
10 ft
Scissors type work platforms, that do not have an extensible deck, require only a standard guerdrail for fall protection.

True or False