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What was the Proclamation of 1763 supposed to do?
Prohibit colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains
True or False? Native Americans fought for the French only during the French and Indian war?
This colony was started as a place for people to come whom had been imprisoned because of debt.
New York
What allowed a passage to the new world for those who couldnt otherwise afford it?
Indentured Servants
What's the English name for the Indian cheif who rallied multiple tribes together to prevent colonial expansion?
King Phillip
Ture or False? The Jamestown colony would come to be known as Virginia?
What was the first civilization of America?
The Olmecs
"Middle Passage" is a term that refers to what?
Movement of slaves from Africa to colonies
True or False? The Natives had no spirituality, which made the colonists believe that they were savages?
The Stone Rebellion primarily involved who?
Which group produced the most accurate ancient calender?
The Mayans
What were the Navagation Acts supposed to do?
Tighten colonial trade with other countries to bring in more profit for England
Which colony was established primarily by a group of Puritans?
Bacon's Rebellion involved which group of people?
Which colony was primarily started by Quakers?
True or False? Natives and settlers clashed over the idea of owning private property?
Which was the first successful colony in America?
Which was the first tribe to come in contact with settlers?
What allowed several investors to pool their wealth in support of establishing a colony in the new world?
Joint-Stock Companies
Which Native group developed a trade centre in North America?
Which colony was established by Henry Hudson, and later had it's name changed to New Ntherland?
New York
Which idea emphasizes importance of connecting historical events with current times?
List three true statements about the Southern Region-
Produced single cash crops

Crops were mostly labor induced

Made up of plantations-large self sufficient farmlands.
List three true statements about the Northern Region
Produced less labor induced crops

Not as dependant on slaves as South

Relied on a diversity of cash crops
List two true statements about Mercantilism
It means that when a colony becomes self sufficient

Its used to describe the situation of colonists breaking free from Britian.