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Boston, "Boston"
Biggest selling debut album in Rock N Roll history and not in the hall of fame
Bo Diddleys last names
Born with; McDaniel
Foster; Bates
Bo Diddley
Only person in rockNroll history wiht a beat named after him. 'Bo diddley beat'
Carl Perkins
1. band with brothers when auditioning for cotton he only wanted carl.
2. record thought carl would be as as elvis, thats why let elvis be bought
3. Car accident killed brother, hurt him while in Hospitol heard Elvis sing "blue suede shoes" (carls song) made him alchoholic
Roy Orbison
"Only the lonely"
"Oh! Pretty woman" 1964
sand with emotion, huge range.
pasty, glasses.Not pretty.
Drummer lives in Ktown
Sam Cooke
"You send me" (1st sing. #1)
"Wonderful world"
"Chain Gang"
"Bring it on home to me"
Made them mix the black/white sections of crowd.
Hotel mngr shot him. scandel
Buddy Holly
"Peggy Sue"
" not fad away"(bo diddley beat)
band called crickets
radio played wrong side of record. he was pissed but people loveed it. "thatll be the day"
Coin toss for who rode in warm plane opp. cold bus. he won . plane crashed
Chuck Berry
" Johnny B. Goode"
Father of rockNroll guitar.
Moved around stage.
Told stories.
Country western growin up.
evry 1 Thought he was white.
Ktown denied him cuz he was black.
Fats Domino
"Aint it a shame"
"blueberry hill"
almost lost in katrina.
made piano cool.
No RMB sold more albums in 50s.
Ray Charles
"Drown in my own tears"
"the night time is the right time"
"What ID say"
Glucoma at 7, last sight was death of brother.
He took gospel, changed words
Wanted banned for 'having sex on radio"
Little Richard
"Long, Tall Sally"
Stood up as he played.
Teased hair
Make up.
(First to do all of these)
The Everly Bros
"all i have to do is Dream"
"bye bye love"
Phil & Don born Ky. Went to school in Ktown.'
Loved bo did and lil richard.
Wanted them bad for 'wake up lil susie'
Who wrote for everly bro's and wrote ROcky Top
Fellice& Boudleaux Bryant
Terry lee lewis
"Great Balls of Fire"
Nicknamed 'the killer'
stood up, played hard piano
lit piano on fire.