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What are the three sections of the Massachsetts Bay Company and examples states for each?


What did the immigrants NOT come for?
Religious freedom
What is predestination?
Belief that God has already destined your soul
Most slaves were enslaved through what?
What is "Dancing of the slaves?"
forcing slaves to dance upon decks of ships during atlantic slavetrade
What are Christians' view on slavery?
It is okay to enslave infidels
What are some facts about indentured servitude?
-could not marry
-they have certain rights
-masters used corporal punishment
-had contracts
-labor is owned to master
-cheaper than slaves
Who was Anthony Johnson?
A free black man
what are some of the conditions during the atlantic slavetrade?
-no good hygiene centers/bathrooms
-have babies on the ships
How long was the average Middle Passage Voyage?
60-70 days
How long were slaves on ships during trade?
6-7 months
Approximately how many slaves did not survive the trade?
2-3 million
Facts of slavery in America:
-based on race
-chattle slavery
Facts of slavery in England:
-skin color basis
-heathenism (genesis)
West African and New World Slavery Facts:
West Africa:
-not permanent
-could earn freedom
-many were houseservants
When were Bacon's laws approved and what did they cause?
The laws were approved June 5, 1676

Caused the end of indentured servitude
Why were slaves brought to the colonies?
-work and houses to be built
-farmwork; domestics
-forest industry
-skilled jobs
Differences in Northern and New England Slavery:
North: favored legal status
NE: balance with colonists/slaves
Who was Phyllis Wheatley?
Companion of white man Mr. Wheatley; wrote poems; was an author; recognized well
who was South Carolina settled by and what crop is it famous for?
Settled by John Colleton; rice crop
What was New England governed by?
Puritan conventions; had healthier climate; longer lives
Who was Rhode Island settled by and what did it establish?
Roger Williams settlement; established first Baptist Church in Providence; no church taxes; religious freedom; male suffrage
What were the Chesapeake colony crops?
tobacco, rice, cotton
What was the 1609-1610 winter like?
harsh; went from 400 people to 60 people in deaths
How was Maryland established?
King Charles I gives George Calbert land
What are two groups of agricultural specialists?
Planters (rich aristocrats)

Yeoman Farmers (poor)
Facts of South Carolina:
-founded in 1670; Charlestown city
-rich culture
-rice is main crop
Facts of North Carolina:
-Founded in 1712
-tobacco and forest industry big
-very democratic
Facts of Georgia:
-Founded in 1733
-james Oglethorn founder
-haven for debtors
-no catholics
Middle Colonies' Facts:
-"Bread Colonies"
-less aristocratic; very democratic
Goals of Middle Colonies:
1. Profit
2. Individual Betterment
Facts of Pennsylvania:
-Founded in the 1680s
-Quaker colony
-no slavetrade
-very welcoming to all; no war support; passive
Facts of New Jersey:
-essential to the framing of the constitution
Characteristics of a Colonial Family:
-white; Christian; had slaves
-women were subordinant
Who was a rebellious woman during this time?
Anne Bradstreet
What was Great Britain to the colonies?
a huge imperial power (colonies are slowly rebelling)
Facts of John Locke:
-Wrote "Two Treateses on Government," presenting "natural rights" theory
-all are equal and free
-Property and liberty are inseparable-the essence of life
John Dickinson:
-Wrotes articles in PA newspaper "Letters of a Pennsylvania Farmer"
-against Townshend Act
Thomas Jefferson:
-Wrote "A Summary View of the Rights of British America"
-this was a statement against the coercive acts.
John Wilkes:
-Member of Parliament
-Insults King in own newspaper "North Briton"
-gets arrested, then discharged
May 1775:
Armies raised to go against Britain
Second Continental Congress did what?
Wrote the Olive Branch Petition" to protect rights of colonies (july 1775)
August 1775:
King George declares war on colonists for disobedience to Great Britain
Thomas Paine wrote what book?
"Common Sense"
What are the New England Colonies?
Massachusetts, Conneticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire
What are the Chesapeake colonies?
Virginia and Maryland
What are the Lower South Colonies?
Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina
What are the Middle Colonies?
New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania