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Bronfenbrenner's concept of a microsystem in his ecological model deals with?
individual's immediate environment & includes parents, siblings, classmates, & teachers
A period of persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood demonstrates what episode?
Hypomanic Episode
Individuals in a hypomanic epidsode may demonstrate positive qualities such as...
increased productivity, efficiency, and creativity
The "classic" performance equation is P = f{A X M} means...
performance is a function of ability and motivation
What 2 characteristics have not found to be highly correlated with performance?
neither interest nor satisfaction
Which 2 types of drugs may lead to anticholinergic effects?
tricyclics & heterocyclics
Which drug type will not likely lead to anticholinergic effects?
What is the most commonly associated features of Tourette's Disorder?
obsessions & compulsions
What affect does maternal deprivation in the first few years of life have on children developing attachments to their adopted parents?
does not necessarily prevent children from developing strong attachments even if adoption occurs as late as 4-6 years old
Blocking occurs when?
a CS is presented simultaneously with a second stimulus just before the US
What does the ethics code say about sliding scales?
it does not explicitly talk about sliding scales so as long as they are fair and serve the best interests of the client, sliding scale fees are generally considered acceptable
The variable most directly associated with a need for personal space?
cultural background
What happens when interviewers are given biodata information about an interviewee prior to the interview?
interviewers give less credence to interview information when the biodata is not supportive of a decision to hire
What do IPT therapists focus on?
not the past - they focus on the connection between the presenting problem and client's current relationships
Sexual dimorphism is...
any consistent differences between males and females in size or shape
What is the relationship between thermal & relaxation?
What is the relationship between EMG & relaxation?
thermal > relaxation
EMG = relaxation
The most important factor found to exist as a criterion for initial attraction between people who have just met is
physical attractiveness
Administrative decision making involves making what type of choice?
a satisficing one... meaning the one that is minimally acceptable
What is the difference between the multiple hurdle and the multiple cut-off selection technique?
in multiple hurdle, not all predictors are administered to all examinees
Research has found that flexible work schedules have the greatest impact on
George Kelly, the first cognitive theorist, emphasized that people view the world through...
cognitive schemas
What does the Self-in-relation theory say about infant to adult development?
individuals progress from infantile dependency to mature interdependency
Adler states psychopathology is caused by?
maladaptive "style of life"
Suicide rate is highest for
white males
Suicide occurs most @ what age for whites AND at what age for blacks?
whites- near end of life cycle
blacks- age 20-34
Memory loss in malingering identified by...
memory loss of personal identity but intact memory for other past events
Dissociative disorder different from malingering because...
involves memory loss of personal identity and loss of memory for other information
Eating foods containing tyramine while taking MAOIs is likely to cause a
hypertensive crisis
Retrograde amnesia in Korsakoff's syndrome involves...
loss of recent long-term memories
Relationship between therapist experience and patient outcome is strongest when...
patient symptoms are severe
What effect can neurotransmitters have on post synaptic cells?
excitatory or inhibitory
Cocaine blocks the reuptake of which neurotransmitter?
Decreased need for sleep, inflated self-esteem, & excessive involvement in pleasurable activities that are likely to result in painful consequences describes a...
manic episode
Drowsiness, impaired psychomotor abilities, & impaired short-term memory (particularly anterograde amnesia) are side effects of which drug...
Huntington's disease is associated with decreased levels of
Alzheimer's dementia affects which memory?
declarative memory
When can psych's withhold a client's record due to nonpayment?
when records are not needed for emergency treatment
Reduced awareness of environment, distractibility, changes in cognition, memory loss, disorientation to time and place, & impaired language indicate...
A term associated with multiple-regression in which two or more predictors are highly correlated with each other...
Psychoanalytic theory and ethology both emphasize...
critical periods
Yalom argues that the most important characteristic of a group member is...
How does non-consensual childhood sexual abuse affect males or females?
affects both similarly
Ellen Berscheid's Emotion-in-Relationships Model states partners underestimate their investment when...
things are running smoothly
“Terminal drop” means...
months before death, a substantial drop in all facets of intelligence occurs
Who has the highest rates of admission to inpatient mental health facilities?
never married men
Study that would be considered most unethical in today's times is...
Buckely Amendment or the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act state what 2 things...
1. right of access to to educational records & can challenge any content.
2. records that are no longer useful or relevant are to be destroyed
How is the recall in depression different from recall in dementia?
In depression, recall memory is affected but recognition memory is not; in dementia, both are impaired
What did Cattell and Horn believe about crystallized & fluid intelligence?
these two aspects of intelligence are highly correlated
How did Cattell & Horn believe that crystallized intelligence develops?
crystallized intelligence develops through the use of fluid intelligence
Yalom stated procedural norms are...
procedures that a group follows
Vygotsky's work has most influenced which of the teaching strategy?
reciprocal teaching
When are researchers obligated to inform subjects about the effectiveness of a treatment?
at the end of the study
Which agency's publication provides information about styles of research writing, such as how to refer to various minority groups?
VIQ > PIQ may indicate...
PIQ > VIQ may indicate...
depression or alot of educational experiences

low SES, delinquency, or lack of educational experiences
Dementia due to Head Trauma is usually nonprogressive when...? When is it progressive...?
a single head trauma
repeated head trauma
Stuttering onset is commonly around...
age 5 but rarely after age 10
Parents who raise kids to be aggressive tend to be what 2 things:
laissez-faire rules & intermittently violent
Psychoanalytic theory believes that mania represents a defense against?
Which theorist talked about a shift from “time from birth” to “time to death”?
1. Can psychologists refuse to service clients with certain disorders?
2. If they decide not to service them, what MUST they do?
1. Yes
2. make appropriate referral
Acetylcholine causes muscles to...
How is acetylcholine different from GABA?
although absence of GABA may lead to muscle contraction, acetylcholine specifically related to muscle contraction
Norepinephrine helps to regulate....
mood, dreaming, & arousal
Serotonin is associated with...
moods, drives, & personality
In psychoanalytic practice, transference is a sign that...
treatment is having an effect & is discussed so that the patient is made conscious of it
Why is a speeded test completely opposite of a power test?
speeded- very little time for easy items
power- lots of time for easy to difficult items
Sue & Sue (2003) define an invisible veil as lack of awareness of one's...
world views
When are environmental factors likely to have a greater impact on Bipolar disorder?
during the early stages of the disorder
Ethnic matching of therapist and client improves therapy outcome and reduces premature termination for... but not for...
Asians, Hispanics,
but not for Blacks
What is not a proposed axis for further study according to the DSM-IV-TR?
Sickness Impact Profile
Although Buckley Amendment has several rules about student records what 2 things are NOT required?
1. written consent to release info. to child's new school
2. consent to release non-identifying info. to evaluate a federally funded program
Reasoning from a particular fact to a general rule is...
inductive reasoning
Understanding that one thing can stand for another
symbolic thought
Reasoning from a general law to a particular case
deductive reasoning
Disorder that may or may not have a physiological component but are not directly caused by a known physiological factor.

Give an example...
funtional disorder

What long term effectiveness does nicotine replacement interventions have?
only effective long-term when combined with other interventions
Rapid onset, insomnia, decreased heart rate, increased appetite, & depressed or dysphoric mood describes...
nicotine withdrawal
Engineering psychology focuses on...
fitting aspects of the job to the worker
A therapeutic approach designed to help clients build commitment, resolve ambivalence, and reach a decision to change
motivational interviewing
Classical Adlerian psychotherapy has how many stages?
progression through 12 stages
Infant IQ not a good predictor of adult IQ but...
predicts better for low IQ babies so good as a screener for high risk babies
The gonadotropic hormones, in males and females, are released by...
pituitary gland
Brainstorming as a group technique is generally not too effective because...
produces fewer ideas & the quality is poorer
A lower estrogen level can cause ___ during intercourse
Backwards conditioning occurs when...
the UCS is repeatedly presented before the CS
Bandara's study showed that when the model is punished, ___ decreases but ___ does not decrease..
performance of aggressive behaviors is reduced BUT not learning of aggressive behaviors is not reduced
Whenever you see any symptoms that might have a medical or psychiatric basis it's always good to recommend a ___... but if it's not available recommend a ___
a physical exam
The greater the range of scores in the predictor(s) & the criterion score
the higher the validity coefficient
Super's (1992) concept that relates the five life stages of growth, exploration, establishment, maintenance, and disengagement to nine major life roles is called...
life career rainbow