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What special actions can we take to ensure the acceptance of our prayers?
1. Daven w/a minyan, 2. Daven where we learn, 3. Give Tzedakah 4. Cry
5. Psukei Dzimrah
6. Do Tshuva
7. Concentrate on the meaning of each word
Why do we mention Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess during a crisis?
Rabbi Meir said that we are ALWAYS Hashem's children, no matter what.
How does Hashem revive the dead nowadays?
When a person wakes up refreshed. Every day, Hashem enriches the poor and heals the sick. He also does Gilgulim.
How many times does the average man or woman pray the Shemoneh Esrei in a lifetime?
Man=App. 80,000 times, Woman= 20,000 times
How long every day is a person supposed to pray?
2 hours
Why should we pray if our future is already finalized on Rosh Hashanah?
We can change our fate through Tefillah, and we should be thanking Hashem everyday!
What happened when Dovid Hamelech finished writing Sefer Tehillim?
He asked who prases You as great as I do? Then Hashem sent a frong to Dovid a nd it said that I praise Hashem every day with 3,000 new praises.
Which word can help lengthen the life of the person saying it?
What did the original Chassidim used to do one hour before they prayed an one hour after they prayed?
They meditated till they felt entirely spiritual and not physical. they considered the greatness of Hashem and the meakness of man. After, they waited to demonstrate that tefillah wasn't a burden.
What are the three parts of Shemoneh Esrei?
Praise, Requests and Thanks
What did Moshe Rabeinu, and later Dovid Hamelech do when the ysent a soldier to war?
For every soldier sent 2 war, another was sent 2 learn.
From whom do we learn the proper way to pray?
Why do some tefillos get ignored?
Shlomo asked Hashem that if u should ask 4 something that's not goot, it shouldn't be answered.
Why is our first request to acquire wisdom?
A person without wisdom is like an animal!
Why did Yaakov Avinu refer to his Tefillah as a bow and arrow?
When you pull it closer to your heart, it gets further.
Approximately how many words are there in Shemoneh Esrei?
What time is the best time to pray Shachris?
@ Sunrise (Vasikin)
Why is a tallis worn for Shachris?
It was given in the merit of Avrohom (b/c he didn't take nething from sdom), so we wear it in the Tefillh that he institured
With which parts of our body do we pray?
The heart and the brain
Why are there eighteen brachos of Shmoneh Esrei?
There are 18 vertebrae of the spine, we are asking Hashem for our entire well-being.
Why should one try to pray with a Minyan?
His sins are not as scrutinized.
Why must women and children pray?
Everyone needs mercy from Heaven, and we must realize it.
Why don't we blow silver trumpets at this time of crisis?
They are blown when ALL of BN"I is in danger.
What must you think every time you mention Hashem's Name?
We have to remember that Hashem is the Master of All.
What qualities should the Chazan have?
Learned, has a family, crops, no sin, humble, goood terms w/cong., sweet voice.
Why don't we lift our hands during prayer?
Because we don't want to point out to Hashem that we stole with these hands!
Why do tears help our prayers get answered?
An iron wall was erected 2 block prayers. Tears can make the tefillos go through.
Why do we make Havdalah from Shabbos in the blessing which we request wisdom?
If it wasn't for wisdom, how could we separate between the holy and the non-holy?
Why is it wise and beneficial to pray for others as well?
It's a true sign of compassion.
Where is there a better place to pray than in a shul?
The place where you learn.
Why is a synagogue called a shul?
It stands for Shibuichu Vehodu li Shmo.
To what may a tefillah wihtout kavanah be compared?
A body without a soul.
Why must the con. repeat Modim again during Chazaras HaShatz?
WE have 2 do thanks personally.
Why do we pound our heart twice when we ask for forgiveness?
WE have 2 atone from bein adom lMakom and bein adom l'chaveiro.
How should we bow down?
Quick like a stick and come up slowly like A snake.
What happens if one misses one of the daily Tefillos?
Why do we whisper the Amidah?
To spare embarassemnt from a sinner.
How do we imitate angels?
By Kedusha we try to imitate their singing to Hashem.
Why is it proper to say Pasrshios Hakorbanos before praying?
Why does the Chazzan repeat the Shemoneh Esrei?
Originally it was said for those who couldn't read.
Whose tears made her most successful?
Why must cell phones be turned off before praying?
You have to clear anything away that might distract his kavanah.
What should we imagine when we take three steps forward?
AS if we are entereing the Kodesh HaK'Doshim.
Why should we wash our hands before praying?
Just like the Kohein did b/4 serving int he Beis Hamikdash.
Why is it a good custom to accept on yourself Ahavs Yisrael?
If Hashem sees you love ur fellow Jew, He'll love you.
What should ppl. do if they prayed and were not answered?
Trust in Hashem and keep praying again.
What should one do if tears don't flow during the prayers/
Make a groan, and Hashem considers that like a sincere cry.
Why is it smart to pray slowly and to elaborate?
A person who prays long lives long!
Why do Askenazim call praying davening?
The tefillos were made by the Avos, and the word davenen come from "that of our fathers".
Which type of Jew doesn't need 2 pray?
One who learns 24/7
What did Yirmiyahu mean when he said pour your heart like water?
He wanted Bnei Yisrael 2 cry to erase the decree of the churban?
Why is Birchas Kohanim said next 2 Modim?
If you sincerely thank Hashem and appreciate what He already gives you that will result in more blessing coming your way.
Do all Jews pray towrds the east?
No, we all daven towards Yerushalayim.
Why did Rabbi Chaim tell Roche Imeinu to keep crying?
So we can come back home.
What are the 4 types of peace we want in our lives?
Peace w/ourselves, peace w/ our spouse, w/our fellow, and with G-d.
Who made up the text of our Tefillah?
the Anshei Knesses Hagdolah.
What does Hashem say when Jes shout out Amen Yehei...
When will I bring My children home?
Why have many shuls been truned into churches?
Shuls that were treated with disrepsect were turned in2 churches.
Why did Mordechai Sharabi disqualify a chzzon?
He was shouting at his wife, and how could some1 w/anger ask Hashem 2 have mercy?
When is the most apropo time 2 pray?
Why do we start the Amidah with the request that Hashem open our lips?
We declare that we couldn't even open our mouths w/o Hashem!
Why was Rabbi Yisroel Abu Chatzeira affectionarely know as Babba Sali?
He wrough miracles through prayers-he earned the name Master of Prayers.
How do we know that Hashem loves prayers?
Hashem puts Tzadikkim in distress to hear their prayers.
How can we prevail over the prayers of the Arabs?
One must pray with greater frevor and evotion that we return to our land.
When should a person infrom the public to pray for him?
If he's in need of a yeshuah.
Why did Hashem let Pharao scare the Jews by chasing them @ the Yam Suf?
They stopped davening, so He wanted them 2 start again.
If someone praye w/o concentration, should he say it over?
He should, but we aren't sure he'll have kavanah a second time, so no.
Why did Chizkyahu bury the Sefer Hrefuos?
So people would daven.
Why do we conclude the section of thanks w/a prayer for peace?
OUr greatest appreciation would be if we please Hashem by becoming more peaceful.
How should we show we feel the pain of the Sechinah?
Don't only pray for your pain, Pray for the pain of Sheching in Galus.
How can one change his mazal for the better?
How does Hashem treat you the way you treat Him?
The way you bless Hashem, that's the way He'll bless you!
Which merit shrotened the exile in Mitzrayim?
Who received an extra 15 years of life due 2 prayer?
Does tefillah accomplish 100% of ur needs?
According to your kavanah will b the yeshuah.
Which merit prevents the Satan from prosectuing that day?
Davening @ Vasikin.
Why did Nevuchadnetzar order his officers 2 rush the Jews on their journey out of Israel?
So they wouldn't have time 2 daven.
Does the amount of times you pray have any bearing on the success of that prayer?
A repeated prayer is muc more powerful thana single prayer.
What is the Havinenu Prayer?
The abridged tefillah for someone in a major rush. It summarizes the middle 13 brachos.
Which two merits stop the curse thatincreases everyday since the Churban.
When we answer Amen and wen we say Uva Ltzion.
Is it better to pray in Hebrew or the language you understand?
Lason Hakodesh.
How does the saying, "an ounce of prevention is owrth a pund of cure" apply to tefillah?
Chazal urge one to pray to stay healthy and not get sick, because onec one gets sick, he needs a greater merit to recover.
How does song help our prayer?
Psukei Dzimra cuuts a pth through th many destructive angels.
Which type of request usually gets a very positive response?
Those which will benefit His honor.
How many million Berachos does the average person sayin a lifteim?
3 million
What is the mitzvah of Vilu Breadah?
Daveinging should b w/happiness and joy, but also w/fear anawe.
What did you think today when you were saying th eberacha of Yotzer Hame'oros?
one must appreciate the gift of light and praise Hashme for it!
Whos face become an ugly green after he was niftar.
It was a punishment for mumbling berachos.
What is the significant gematria of Amen?
91, which is the gematria of Hashm's 2 Names combined.