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The Supreme Court or Judicary Branch has the power to.....
Try criminals and declasre laws constitutional.
Executive Branch has the power to...
Enforce laws
Legislative Branch has the power to....
Create or make laws(Congress)
Each branch of government can excercise check or control over the other branches.
Abigail Adam Influence
Wanted the president to klet women be able to vote.
Differences between the Constitution and the Articles of Conf.
Conf. is a constituition drafted by congress and the constitution is a document presenting a plan of government.
Define Federalism
A system of government in which power is divided between a central government and smaalr political units, such as states
Great Compromise
Virginians plan won,equal number of vote in the senate, based on population.
3/5 Compromise
Count the slares so they have more representation.
The North West Ordiance
Provided the way to govern the Northwest Territory.
Weaknesses of Articles of Articles of Conf.
States had to much power.Lack of power to inforce laws.
Reesult of the Treaty of Paris
The British recognized the Independence of the colonies.
African American contributors in the Amer. Rev. War
Were both in the Army and Navy accept South Carolina.
Fought for the Britsih paid professional german soldiers.
Battle of Saratoga
Convinved the French to help the Americans fight England