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Navy Skill Enhancement Program (SEP)
programs to improve basic competencies
Personal Excellence Program is on the following
core values:
• Integrity—honesty, honor, and responsibility
• Professionalism—competence, teamwork, and
• Tradition—concern for people, patriotism,
courage, and personal values
The long-term goal of the Personal
Excellence Partnership Program includes an
effort to promote
1. Navy values
2. self-worth
3. responsible citizenship
4. both 2 and 3 above
4. both 2 and 3 above
offer a variety of programs
for single and married Sailors and their families
Family Service Centers
pursues these goals through prevention
programs, identification of domestic violence,
investigation of alleged incidents, reports to appropriate
military and community response agencies, and
treatment of families identified
Family Advocacy Program
petty officers are responsible to report all
alleged cases of abuse or neglect to the family to
family advocacy representative (FAR).
Program allows
spouses of Navy members to care for children of Navy
personnel in government quarters
Family Home Care (FHC) Program
may serve as a CACO
Only an officer with a
minimum of 2 years of active duty or a qualified senior
enlisted member of paygrade E-7 or above
was developed to encourage individuals to suggest
practical ways to reduce costs and improve
productivity in the Navy, Department of Defense, and
other federal government operations.
Military Cash Awards Program (MILCAP)
instruction gives all the details on how to submit your
suggestions and inventions to the Navy for
consideration. You may help the Navy to improve its
way of doing business and get a cash reward to boot.
ensures that equal opportunity
exists at the unit level
Command Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO) Program
CMEOis a tool for .
detecting and preventing discrimination
group of command personnel trained to plan and conduct a command assessment
Mandatory membership of CAT includes the
executive officer (XO)
one department head
command master chief (CMC) or equivalent
CAT team requirements
active member for over 24 months must repeat the formal training.
Complete the EO in the Navy nonresident training
course within 3months of assignment to the assessment team.
Minimum of 18 months remaining from their assignment date before their PRD.
Retain demographic data and the results of the
command assessment for at least how many months?
defines sexual harassment as follows: “A form of sex discrimination that involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature
Navy Fraternization
Navy’s Alcohol
and Drug Abuse Program (NADAP) is
zero tolerance on and off duty, afloat and ashore.
is to deglamorize alcohol and prevent alcohol abuse.
Right Spirit
program are to make the
participants aware of
(1) the basic nature of the drug alcohol
(2) the risks involved in using and abusing alcohol; (3) the Navy’s expectations, instructions, andcore values(4) the definition of responsible use of
Alcohol Aware
It is
an intensive, interactive educational experience
designed for alcohol incident personnel
Alcohol Impact
provide help to fleet and shore commands by counseling personnel involved with drugs and alcohol.
contact point for
commanding officers and individuals seeking help or
information on all matters regarding drug and alcohol
Physical Readiness
and Personal Excellence Program
To maintain physical readiness, a person
should exercise at least three times a week for
(a) at least how many minutes total duration and (b) how many minutes of continuous
aerobic activity?
1. (a) 60 (b) 40
2. (a) 50 (b) 30
3. (a) 40 (b) 20
4. (a) 30 (b) 25
3. (a) 40 (b) 20