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Which dries damp, fortifies SP and dispels wind damp? A: Chen Pi B: Fu Ling C: Bai Zhu D: Cang Zhu
A: Chen Pi
Which has the functions of promoting circulation of middle Qi, relieving pain nd preventing the cloying nature of tonifying herbs from causing stagnation? A: Mu Xiang B: Shan Zha C: Qqing Pi D: Xiang Fu
B: Mu Xiang
30 y/o female complains of delayed menses, distension and pain in the hypochondrium and breast, depression , normal tongue and wiry pulse, which herb to use? A: Zhi Shi B: Da Fu Pi C: Chen Pi D: Xiang Fu
D: Xiang FU
Which prevents the cloying nature of tonics from causing stag? A: Li Zhi he B: Chen Pi C: Chuan Lian Zi F: Xiang Fu
B: Chen Pi
69 y/o male complains of frew urination w/ clear, copious urine, cold in low back, pale tongue w/white slippery coat, submerged slow pulse? A: Zhi Shi B: Chuan Lian Zi C: Wu Yao D: Xiang Fu
C: Wu yao
Which herbs soothe LV Qi, reg menses and stop pain? A: Xiang Fu B: Chen Xiang C: Chuan Lian zi D: Chen Pi?
A: Xiang Fu
Which Qi regulator herb clears damp-heat, kills parasites and treats skin disease? A: Mu Xiang B: Chen Xiang C: Tan Xiang D: Chuan Lian Zi
D: Chuan Lian Zi
Which herb is for pain due to LV qi stag? A: Xiang Fu B: Qing Pi C: Chuan Lian Zi D: All of the above
D: All of the above
What is function of Xiang Fu, Mu Xiang and Qu Yao? A: Descnd rebel qi and stop vomit B: Reg qi and stop pain C: soothe LV qi and reg Qi D; Reg Qi, activate blood
B: Reg qi and stops pain