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herniation of the arachnoid through the diaphragm sella
empty sella syndrome
no pituitary on CT, normal hormones
empty sella syndrome
crescentic tapidly progressive glomerulonephritis leading to renal failure seen in
wegners granulomatosis
anti-centromere antibody
CREST: calcinosis, Raynauds, esophageal mitility syndrome, sclerodactyly, telangactesia, aka limited scleroderma
Sjogren's syndrome (anti SS-A and SSB too)
vessels in testicular torsion
testicular vein, artery, direct branch from the aorta
right testicular vein drains into
left testicular vein drains into
left renal vein
coagulative necrosis limited to the distal portion of the renal pyramids; gross shows pale gray discolorations and parenchymal loss
papillary necrosis, seen in DM
pigmentary changes in macula, loss of central visual fields
age-related macular degeneration
CML initial hematological presentation
inc neutrophil, metamyelocytes, and eosinophils and basos
pagets of the bone etiology
paramyxovirus (measels and RSV) infection of osteoclasts
carbonic anhydrase II deficiency
most common cause of urinary wall smooth muscle hypertrophy
prostatic hyperplasia
sensory and motor deficits in a dermatomeric distribution, impotence, and urinary incontinence<-dilatation and thinning of the bladder wall
cauda equina syndrome
rate limiting step in fatty acid biosynthesis, activated by insulin
Acetyl CoA carboxylase
wide PP high-pitched, blowing diastolic murmur, best heard along the left sternal border
hemolytic anemia and Heinz bodies
G6DP deficiency
PKD inheritance: adults vs child
adults :AD; child AR
bowel with thickened collagenous band between surface epithelial cells and the lamina propia seen in
episodic watery diarrhea, usually in adults
how are proteus mirabilis and h pylori related?
reduplication of the elastic lamina and fibrosis of the media
fibroelastic hyperplasia, rel to benign nephrosclerosis, in HTN
GHRHr signal
Gs,a->inc cAMP
blood supply to the first intercostal space in coarctation
anterograde flow through the intercostal artery via the subclavian artery
AD, can be precipitated by drugs, abdominal pain, fever, nausea, vomiting, constipation, peripheral neuropathy, paralysis, agitation, depression, paranoia, visual hallucinations, restlessness, diaphoresis, weakness; elevated porphobilinogen
acute intermittent porphyria
Russell bodies
immunoglobulin accumulation, seen in multiple myeloma
increased BUN:Cre and inc Cre
post-renal or pre:renal+renal
BUN:Cre in acute tubular necrosis
BUN in low protein intake and liver disease
aspirin on platelet count?
dec T3, nl T4, TSH, post systemic illness
low T3 syndrome; euthyroid sick syndrome
characterized by decrease in 5-monodeiodinase activity
low T3 syndrome; euthyroid sick syndrome
rT3 in low T3 syndrome
increased due to decreased breakdown
sickle cell renal disease
patchy papillary necrosis
diffuse cortical necrosis (renal)
compression of the superior colliculi and pretectal area of the dorsal midbrain
parinaud's syndrome, paralysis of the upward gaze, bilateral papilledema and puppils that accommodate, but not rxn; affects the vertical gaze center
MCV, MCH and MCHC in megaloblastic anemia
inc MCV, inc MCH, nl MCHC
med prolongs survival in ALS
lamivudine and stavudine targets
HIV telomerase
A-a gradient in chronic bronchitis
increased, due to physiologic shunt (air trappinng and obstruction dec PaO2, PAO2 same)
Hawaiian surfer with fever, myalgias, headaches, skin rash and vomitind
leptospira interrogans (water-borne, tropics)
most common cause of mortality in preeclamsia
cerebral hemorrhage and ARDS
identified by the distinctive cartwheel distribution of chromatin in the nucleus and the evidence of ingested RBC
Entamoeba histolytica
Dorsalis pedis location
between extensor hallucis longus tendond and extensor digitorum longus tendon
Location of posterior tibialis
posterior to the medial malleolus
diabetic with pain, clawing of the toes with flexion of the interphalangeal joints and extension of the metatarsophalangeal joints; muscle?
lumbricals and interossei
extrinsic muscle of the foot that flexes the distal phalanges of the lateral four toes and assists in plantar flexion of the foot
Flexor digitorum longus
extrinsic muscle of the foot that dorsiflexes and inverts the foot
Tibialis anterior
extrinsic muscle of the foot that plantar flexes and everts the foot
peroneus longus
extrinsic muscle of the foot that plantar flexes and inverts the foot
tibialis posterior
phenothiazine that blocks dopamine receptors in the chemoreceptor zone in the medulla; antiemetic
Prochlorperazine (Compazine)
antimuscarinic agent and antiemetic used for motion sickness