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Team will stage where
at any entry point
Anchor for the rope needs to be ___
10 inches off the ground at least
Name the 5 positions of LAS
-Timekeeper with stopwatch and air management sheet
-Rope bag and tool person
-Captain who has the TIC
-2 firefighters with 20 foot tethers on their wrists
Timekeeper responsibilities
-10 minutes
-Every 5 minutes thereafter they do a CAN report, a PAR
-15 minutes in they turn around and come out
2 types of search
-Specific area search: one firefighter clips tether and searches 20 feet, second clips to first firefighter and extends the search another 20 feet
-Fan search: rope goes one ring past desired search location, FF's clip into that ring and search both sides of the rope at 10 feet, then at 20 feet
Search rope has knots and rings every ___
Knots every 10 feet
Rings every 20 feet