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The value of the estimator approaches the value of the ____ as the sample size increases.
The absolute difference between a parameter and its point estimator:
Sampling error
A range of values within which the population parameter is expected to occur:
Confidence interval
What are the 3 point estimates?
1) xbar (quantitative)
2) s
3) pbar (qualitative)
Symbol in calculator for the point estimate of a population mean:
What happens to the t distribution as the degrees of freedom increase?
The t distribution approaches the standard normal distribution.
How do you calculate the margin of error?
Za/2(sigma/sqrt n)

Ta/2(sigma/sqrt n)
What are the 3 point estimators?
1) mu (quantitative)
2) sigma
3) p (qualitative)
Symbol in calculator for the point estimate of a population standard deviation:
How do you calculate an interval estimate?
Point estimate + Margin of Error

Point estimate - Margin of Error
When estimating the population mean with a small sample, the t distribution may be used with ______ degrees of freedom.
A confidence interval ____ in width as the sample size is increased.
Unknown Population Standard Deviation and a Small Sample
The _____ is more spread out and flatter at the center than is the standard normal distribution.
t distribution