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What is the process near the cranial glenoid cavity for the attachment of the bicep brachii muscles?
supraglenoid tubercle
With what does the glenoid cavity of the scapula articulate?
Head of the humerus
What projection is located craniolateral to the head of the humerus?
Greatwe tubercle
What groove is between the greater and lesser humeral tubercles?
Intertubercular (bicipital) groove
What sulcus wraps around the lateral side of the humerus?
Brachial groove
What is the entire distal end of the humerus?
What arises from the epicondyles of the humerus?
Lateral (extensor) epicondyle: extensors of the forearm; Medial(flexor) epicondyle flexors
What foramen is found in the canine and feline humeri?
Dog: supratrochlear foramen
Cat: supracondylar foramen
The radius and ulna form the skeleton of what area?
Forearm or antebrachium
What is the distal pointed end of the radius? Which side is it on?
Styloid process of the radius, medial
What serves as a lever arm for the extensor muscle of the elbow?
What is the proximal end of the trochlear notch?
Anconeal process
What are the distal ends of the trocheal notch?
medial and lateral coronoid process
What is the pointed distal end of the of the ulna? Which side is it on?
styloid process of the ulna, lateral
What is the point of the elbow?
olecrannon/olecrannon tuberosity
What does the term carpus designate?
carpal bones and compound joints