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Summary of first set of lines
Pyramus - handomse youth
Thisbe - fair maiden
Lived in adjoining houses, brought together by love. There was a crack in the wall that had not been discovered until the lovers came by
Important Quote Set 1
What is it that love does not discover
Speaking to the WAll
Line 71-73 Why do you hinder the lovers? Could you let our bodies meet, or allow us to kiss each other. We are not ungrateful (Litotes) Thankful for the passage for their voices
Speaking to Each Other
They murmur farewell and goodnight
Their Plan
They wanted to decieve the guards in the silence of night, vanish outside. Meet by the grave of ninus and hide in shelter of a tree. Tall mulberry treey with dense white berries boardering a fountain.
Sneaking Out
Thisbe opens the door, decieves the guards, settles under the tree. Love makes her brave, lion comes and scares her off. The fierce lioness stains the garmet of Thisbe while she flees to a dark cave
Pyramus' Entrance
Pyramus sees creatures tracks and is drained of color. He remarks that two lovers will be lost- argues that she deserved the long life more than he did. He says that he has claimed her life and that it is his fault. Carries the veil of Thisbe with him, cries on it.
Death of Pyramus
He drives the sword into his groinm pulls it warm from the woumb. A blood spurts out as from a pipe. The fruit of the white tree is now blood red, sprinkeled with Thisbe's blood. Spurting represents sexual orgasm.
Death of Thisbe
Thisbe returns and calls for her lover. Sees the tree and the color of the berries puzzle her. She sees the bloodstained earth and start back, terrified, like the sea, that trembles when the slightest breeze touches the surface, her face whiter than boxwood
iuvenum pulcherrimus, alter / altera
epic periphrasis
Line 60
the bond of marriage, METONYMY