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The visual perception that objects are larger than they actually are.
The visual perception that objects are smaller than they actually are.
The erroneous belief that one's thoughts, words, or actions will cause or prevent a specific outcome in some way that defies commonly understood laws of cause and effect. (WORD) may be a part of normal childhood development.
magical thinking
Thoughts, affect, and behavior elements of an individual's personality that are considered unacceptable and inconsistent with the individual's total personality or self-identity.
A period of amnesia during which an individual appears to be conscious and makes rational decisions. The individual has no memory of the period on recovery.
A seizure.
The time between seizures.
interictal period
A pervasive and sustained emotion that colors the perception of the world. Common examples include depression, elation, anger, and anxiety. In contrast to affect, which refers to more fluctuating changes in emotional "weather," (WORD) refers to a more pervasive and sustained emotional "climate."
An unpleasant mood, such as sadness, anxiety, or irritability.
dysphoric mood
An exaggerated feeling of well-being, or euphoria or elation.
elevated mood
Mood in the "normal" range, which implies the absence of depressed or elevated mood.
euthymic mood
Lack of restraint in expressing one's feelings, frequently with an overvaluation of one's significance or importance.
expansive mood
Easily annoyed and provoked due to anger.
irritable mood