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PL 94-142
Education for All Handicapped Children Act

Established that all children with disabilities were to receive a free and appropriate public education.
PL 101-476
Reauthorized the PL 94-142 in 1990. Called the IDEA act.
Free appropriate public education.

1) are provided at public expense
2) meet the standards of the state education agency.
3) include preschool, elementary school, or secondary school education in the state.
4) are provided in conformity with and IEP
Least restrictive environment.
Semantics is the study of...
The meaning of complex language
Dysgraphia refers to a severe impairment in the ability to...
By definition, every student with a learning disability has
academic problems
Students with poor phonological skills are more likely to have problems with which aspect of written language?
What percent of the total disability population served under IDEA do students with learning disabilities represent?
The single biggest academic problem for children with learning disabilities is?
Is a learning disability a life long condition?
The cause of learning disabilities has been attributed to agents that cause malformations or defects in developing fetuses which are called
Difficulties experienced by students with learning disabilities in perceiving and understanding others reflects a problem with
Social Cognition
Jonathan is a student with learning disabilities. When his teacher directs students to work independently on a writing assignment, he works, but fails to complete the written work. His inability to complete independent written assignments indicates a problem with:
The 1992 AAMR classification has all of the following advantages over previous systems that
It emphasizes positive outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities, it produces a more meaningful description of behavior, it focuses on types of services that are needed
In 1992, and the subsequent 2002 AAMR definition recommended that professional classify individuals with intellectual disabilities according to
Intensity of support needed
U.S. Department of Education reports continue to indicate that a majority of students with intellectual disabilities continue to be served in a pullout program
The current emphasis on adaptive skills in defining intellectual disabilities is due to the
Realization that students can be "streetwise" despite low IQ test scores
Cause of intellectual disabilities that occur before the birth of the child are categorized as
What are examples of a biological cause of intellectual disabilities
Down syndrome
Williams Syndrome
Fragile X Syndrome
The ability to keep information in mind while also doing another task is
Working Memory
The ability and opportunity to make choices and decisions related to one's life is
The speech problems most often seen in individuals with intellectual disabilities are
Difficulties in articulation
Selective attention refers to
Discrimination of important stimulus characteristics
What are some major causes of emotional or behavioral disorder?
Biological disorders and diseases
Pathological family relationships
Undesirable experience at school
What attributes help teachers work effectively with students with emotional and behavioral disorders?
Receive affection easily
Maintaining a relaxed but firm atmosphere with students
Remain calm and act appropriately in a crisis
Two broad dimensions of behavior are
Externalizing and internalizing
The federal definition of emotional or behavioral disabilities has been most widely criticized for its exclusion of children with
Social maladjustment
Michael is a fifth grader with emotional or behavioral disability. He frequently steals from other students, throws things, and yells at his teachers as well as his peers. These characteristics are typical of students with
Conduct disorder
A phobia is defined as
Overwhelming fear of an object or situation
In the majority of cases, the cause of E/BD is
Examples of anxiety disorders
Eating disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Students with E/BD generally
Do not perform at the level expected for his/her mental age
Students with major depression may experience changes with the following
physical well-being
Terminology for ADHD has included all but the following
Brain distress
What year did the third edition of the Diagnostic Statistical manual (DSM-III) use the diagnostic terminology of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity
What provision did the United States Department of Education offer school districts?
Service students under learning disabilities
Service students under other health impaired
Service students under section 504
What were the three subtypes:
Primary inattentive, primarily hyperactive-impulse subtype, and combined sub-type
Research has demonstrated that AD/HD has a very strong
Microbiological basis
What is the connection between psycho medical disorders and ADHD?
Stress-induced anxiety
Research supports that AD/HD arises from excessive sugar intake, food additives, excessive viewing of television, poor child management by parents, or social and environmental factors such as poverty or family chaos.
ADHD is defined by:
Even with treatment, AD/HD can cause life-long challenges
To meet the criteria for AD/HD combined type a child must meet
Both sets of inattention and hyperactive and impulsive criteria.