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What is the function of the vacuole?
Stores water and food for the cell.
The cell is the smallest part of a living thing that can carry out all 6 ?
Life Processes
1. to grow-develope-die, 2. to reproduce, take in nutrients & water 4. to get rid of waste,
5.Uses energy, 6. responds to changes in its environment.
Plant cells contain chloroplasts, what is its function?
Produces food (chlorophyll) for the plant cell.
All living things are made of what?
What is the function of the Nuclear membrane?
It protects the nucleus, lets materials in or out.
What is the function of the mitochondria?
They supply energy for the cell.
What is the function of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER)?
It transports materials and nutrients throughout the cell.
What is the function of cytoplasm?
It contains cell materials and allows movement of materials
What is the function of the cell wall?
Provides support(shape) and protection.
Plant cells tend to be what shape?
Animal cells tend to be what shape?
spherical and at time irregular in shape
Name 2 organelles that PLANT cells have that ANIMAL cells do not have.
Cell wall and chloroplasts (contain chlorophyll-think green)
What is the function of the cell membrane?
controls movement of substances in and out of the cell
Usually, cells are so small they must be seen with what invention?
The microscope
Animal and plant cells are similar in that they each have what parts?
nucleus, cell membrane, cytoplasm, cytoplasm, vacuoles
What is the function of the Nucleus?
Regulates and controls cell activities.
What is the function of ribosomes?
They produce Proteins.