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Find the index.
How many pages of index are there?
Look through the Table of Contents.
Where is the Table of Contents located?
Find the glossary.
Where is the glossary located?
What information does the glossary contain?
How many chapters (or stories) are in the Table of Contents?
Find the chapter or story titled ___________________. What page does it begin on?
Find __________________ in the index. What page will it be found in the book?
Find the word_______________ in the glossary. Where in the book is this word found?
Find 3 boldfaced words in a chapter. Write what each one means.
What parts of the book can you look to find the meaning of a word?
Find a graph, chart, diagram, or map. What page is it on?
Find an illustration. What page number is it on? Read the caption.
What do you find on the last page of a chapter?
How many paragraphs are in a chapter?
Find 2 section headings. What page number is it on? Give some details about one section.
Explain the graph, chart, diagram or map. How does it help you to understand the story?
Find the 1st page of a chapter. List some information from here.