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pure I avv. 1
(anche) too, also; as well
lui parte oggi e io pure
he is leaving today and so am I
c'ero pure io
I was there too
fosse pure per ragioni umanitarie non lo farei
even if it were a humanitarian gesture, I wouldn't do it
non solo è disonesto, (ma) se ne vanta pure
not only is he disonest, but he boasts about it
ci mancava pure questa!
this is just too much! {literally I think it means, "There was lacking only this."
l'ho aspettato pure troppo
I've waited far too long for him
pur con tutta la buona volontà
even with the best will in the world {literally, I think, "even with all good will"
2. pure
(dopotutto) well
avrò pure il diritto di scherzare?
I can joke about it, can't I
bisogna pur farlo
it has to be done
bisogna pur riconoscere che
it can be said with some justice, that
bisognerà pur dirglielo
he'll have to be told though
3. pure
ci sarà pure qualcuno che mi presterà del denaro
surely someone will lend me some money
c'è la pur minima possibilità che...?
is it at all likely that...?
4. pure
entra pure!
do come in!
andiamo pure!
let's go!
parla pure!
go ahead, have your say!
diglielo pure
tell him if you like
dica pure
can I help you?
chiedete pure!
feel free to ask!
fai pure (come vuoi)
suit yourself!
va'pure, fa' solo attenzione
you an go, only be careful
faccia pure con comodo!
take your time over it!
continua pure!
go on!