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worship of vishnu, believing he is supreme and all other gods are secondary
vishnus mean of transport, eagle
son of vasudeva
krisna gopala
cow herder boy, since he is raised by yasoda and nanda
krishna's true love.
vasudeva and devaki
krishnas real parents but traded him with yasoda and nanda so kamsa would kill another baby
devaki's evil cousin. it was prophesied that devakis 8th child would kill him. , krishna
nanda and yasoda
krishna's foster parents. exchanged babies with devaki and vasudeva
means all pervador, another naem for krishna/vishnu
avataras of vishnu
matsya - when the world was about to end, he saved the seed of every animal and sage in order to prserve creation. came in the form of a fish that kept growing and therfore had to be put in the ocean.

kurma - supported the mountain (pole used to churn the ocean of milk) so that the devas could enjoy amruta. came in the form of a turtle. gods needed to regain their power so they prayed to vishnu.

varaha - came in the form of a boar. A demon had taken the earth and thrown it into the cosmic waters. Vishnu took the form of a boar to kill the demon and bring the earth back afloat.

narasimha- came to kill the demon hiranyakashipu. he had a boon that said he won be killed at night or in the day, or by an animal or a human or inside his house or outside his house. his son prahalada was a devotee of vishnu so he prayed to him as he was about to be killed by his father.

vamana- demon king bali had gained too much power. the gods were worried so vishnu came to the earth incarnated as a dwarf brahmin. he asks the king for three paces of land but grows to be infinitely large. then ends up taking up the universe and then with his third stride puts his head down on bali and sends him to the underworld.

rama - rama chandra, story of ramamyana.

parusharama - rama with an axe, son of a brahmin but acted like a warrior. destroyed ksathriyas 21 times over. he did this to avenge his fathers death.

budha - rid the religion of demons and animal sacfrifice. was sent to lead demons out of the vedas, so got rid of the vedas.

krishna- krishna vasudeva, main character of mahabharata

kalki - will come on a horse to end evil of kali yuga. will destroy everything. first will restore dharma. carries a blazing sword.