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What will Puppy Linux run on? What processor?
Any x86 Processor (AMD, Intel) from 486 upward. ARM and other processors in development
How can Puppy be run? Just from hard disk?
Hard Disk, USB keydrive, SD RAM card, harddrive, CD and DVD, Multisession (auditable) CD and DVD
What is the name an breed of the original dog Puppy is named after?
He was a chihuahua named Puppy
Who created Puppy Linux?
Barry Kauler
What is the name of the new Puppy creation software?
Can the standard Puppy compile programs?
No. You need a sfs (squash file) called devx in your home directory added
What is the name of the puplet that includes the Linux kernel and all of Puppy in a single file?
What are the names of the Woof builds of Debian, Slackware and Ubuntu using a Puppy base called?
Dpup, Spup, Upup
What is the name of the file manager in Puppy? What computer did it originally appear on
Rox ran on Risc OS for the Acorn Archimedes
What program is used to add SFS programs to Puppy?
Menu / System / Bootmanager
Who are the Puppy Masters?
Barry Kauler, Mark Ulrich (MU), Warren (WhoDo) and Ttuuxxx
What is the name of the FTP program in Puppy? What is it for?
gFTP is used for uploading and downloading to and from computer servers.
What are the official languages being adopted by Puppy?
Genie and Vala
What programming language did Barry Kauler use most in creating Puppy?
Bash Script
Where can i get Puppy Help without going online?
Menu / Help

Yes it really isthateasy - just like Puppy