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when did the punic wars occur?
264-146 B.C.
Over what were the Punic wars fought?
Sicily and western Mediterranean Sea
Carthage had a strong what?
who were the first residents of Carthage?
what did the Romans call them?
Originally did Rome have a strong navy?
What did the Romans create in order to level the playing field in the first Punic War?
"crows" <corvi>
What did Hannibal do when he was nin years old?
Swore underlaying hatres against Rome by alter.
With what did Hannibal cross the Alps?
How did Hannibal deal with the rockslide that blocked his path?
Hannibal ordered his men to build fires that heated the rocks; and they split apart when sour wine was poured on them.
Where was the worst defeat for the Romans?
Lake Trasimene
What caused this defeat?
large mist hid Hannibal, so they didnt see ambush
Where was the location of another defeat for Rome?
How did Hannibal learn about the death of his brother?
His head was thrown into their camp
What Roman was sent to Africa with a Roman army?
Where was the site of the defeat of Carthage?
plain of Zama
What title did Scipio receive?
Cognomen Africanus
What happened to Hannibal?
Forced into exile.