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What drugs to use if pt on previous antibiotic < 3mos
1. Respiratory FQs (Moxi, Levo, Gemi)
2. Advanced Macrolide + Amox or Augmention
3. Advanced Macrolide + 2nd/3rd gen po Cephalosporin
4. Doxy maybe subsituted for Macrolide
What drugs to use if outpatient with co-morbidity
Same as outpt healty pt on antibiotic <3mos
Check Sanford
What drugs to use if inpatient
1. Advanced Macrolide + ceftriaxone or cefotaxime
2. Respiratory FQs
Check Sanford
What drugs to use if inpatient ICU where pseudomonas is not an issue
1. Ceftriaxone + azith or respiratory FQs
Remember to use 2 drugs to treat
How long to treat outpt
Min of 5 days- no fever up to 3 days with <1 sign of clinical instability
How long to treat pseudomonas
2-3 weeks
What is sequential streamlining
Same drug w/ equi potentcy
( Doxycycline, linezolid, FQs, Bactrim)
What is switch streamlining
different drug with equi potentcy
(AGs to levo, clindamycin to metronidazone)
What is step-down
same or diff drug with less potentcy
(PCN and Cephalosporin and macrolide)
What drugs to use for VAP (ventilator assisted pneu) and HAP (hospital acquired pneu) in pts with no risk factors
1. Ceftriaxone OR
2. FQs (levo, moxi, or cipro) OR
3. AMP/sulbactam OR
4. Ertapenem
What are RFs to suspect multiple drug resistance
1. Pneu >5 days after hospitalization
2. Admitted from nursing home
3. recently on antibiotic
4. structural lung dx
What drugs to use in high risk pts with suspected multiple drug resistance
Remember to use 2 drugs:
1. Ceftazidime OR Carbapenem OR beta-lactamase inhibitor (Zosyn)
*NOTE: do not use if severe PCN allergy
1. FQ (cipro or levo) OR
2. Aminogly
plus vanco or linezolid if MRSA suspected
Check Sanford
What drugs to use in Acinetobacter
1. Cabapenem OR
2. FQ + amikacin or ceftazidime
3. Amp/sulbactam (this is the active ingred)
4. colistin or polymyxin B
What is antibiotic cycling
using diff rotation of combo of drugs to treat all pneus
What is duration of therapy
H.influ- 7-10 days
MSSA- 7-10 days but 21-28 days if cavitation
Pseudo. aeru and aceinetobactor- 14-21 days