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collapsing pressure =
collapsing pressure = 2T/r
physiologic dead space (Vdead)
Vdead = Tv x (PaCO2 - PeCO2)/PaCO2
pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR) =
PVR = Ppulmonary artery - Pleft atrium/CO

(from P = QR)
O2 content =
O2 content = (O2 binding capacity x %saturation) + dissolved O2

O2 binding capacity depends on Hb concentration
dissolved O2 is O2 dissolved in the plasma
as [Hb] decreases:

O2 content
% saturation
O2 content decreases [O2 content = (O2 binding capacity x %O2 saturation) + dissolved O2]
% saturation remains the same
PaO2 remains the same
PAO2 =
PAO2 = (Patm - PH2O) x FIO2 - PACO2/R

PH20 = 47
FIO2 = .21
R = .8
total ventilation =
total ventilation = Tv x respiratory rate
alveolar ventilation =
alveolar ventilation = (Tv - alveolar deadspace ventilation) x respiratory rate