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1. Business information set -
- A set of information that includes data such as the name, title, organization name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, tagline or motto, and logo of an individual or an organization.
2. Backstage view -
- A view that replaces the file menu that appeared in previous versions of Office. (In Office 2007, this menu was available from the Microsoft Office Button in the upper-left corner of the ribbon.)
3. Contextual tab -
- A tab containing groups of buttons that represent commands for customizing and formatting the selected object.
4. Design grid -
- A grid of ruler, grid, or baseline guides used for arranging text boxes, pictures, autoshapes, and drawing objects in a publication.
5. Gallery
- A set of thumbnails that show the effect of each option.
6. Graphic
- Any image—such as a picture, photograph, drawing, illustration, or shape—that can be placed as an object on a page.
7. Group
- A set of buttons on a tab that all relate to the same type of object or task.
8. Offset printing
- A commonly used commercial printing technique in which an image is transferred or “offset” to a rubber roller before it is printed on paper.
9. Quick Access Toolbar -
- A toolbar located in the upper-left corner of the program window, which displays the Save, Undo, and Repeat buttons by default but can be customized to include any command.
10. Ribbon -
-An area at the top of the Publisher 2010 window where almost all the capabilities of Publisher are available.
11. TrueType font -
- A vector font that prints as seen on a computer screen and can be resized without distortion.