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You can add _____ to a publisher web page.
Scrolling maurquees, ActiveX controls, and Java applets.
The___command is an easy way to copy or move all the objects on a page from one locaton to another.
Select All
_____ are popular e-mail handlers
Microsoft Mail, lotus, CC: Mail and Eudora
You can use the Mover; Size and Position command, or ____ toolbar to move an object to an exact place within a publication.
Publisher allows yo uto tailor a capital letter's appearance,formatting its___ using the Custom Drop Cap tab in the Drop Cap dialog box.
style, color and size
At 100% magnification, on a ____ device, with a monitor resolution of 800*600, a pixel is approximately 0.01 inch.
SVGA (super video graphics array)
The name for a form control can include ________.
Any combination of alphabetic characters (A-Z), numbers(0-9) or underline symbols(_)
Exdents typically are found in _______.
Bibliographies and alphabetized listings
Publisher supports ___ types of form controls.
A____ automatically carries forward when you press the ENTER key.
A____ text box provides a means of entering information by making available to the visitor a larger text box with multiple blank lines.
______ means that a file cannot be changed or accidentally deleted.
read-only attribute
Electronic forms ar used to _______.
Request & collect infor., comments, or survey data, and to conduct business transactions.
Publisher uses the ____ command to create one large cell instead of several smaller ones.
Merge Cells Command
Microsoft Office message windows contain a ____button on the standard toolbar, which, when clicked, displays a dialog box that allows you to browse and select the file you want to attach.
Insert File Button
Publisher uses the ____ command to split a selected cell in half diagonally.
Cell Diagonals command
The____mouse shape helps you determine the possibilities for editing an object.
Resizer, mover, scissors
On the ruler, the ____marks the position at which paragraphs begin.
First line indent marker.
To select an ___, you can click the cell and press the F8 key; triple-click the cell, or tab to the cell from an adjacent cell.
Entire Cell
On the ruler, the ____ marks the right position at which text wraps to the next line.
right-indent marker
You can draw an empty table in a blank publication with the ____ butoon on the Objects toolbar.
Table frame Tool button
640*480, 800*600, or 1024*768____ is a common screen resolution.
A___ may take any of several different forms, but usually includes fields for quantities, serial numbers, descriptions, warranties, and values.
Inventory List
A_____ is a form sent to customers at regular intervals,displaying a compilation of invoices, charges, and payments.