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What are the three obstacles of success?
1. Lack of self confidence
2. Fear of failure
3. low self-esteem
Define what is meant by "Living Death."
the feeling of living death seems to cause people to have a lack of self-confidence in their personal potential, low self-esteem, and fear of failure.
Where does success begin?
in the mind
What does Dale Carnegie say is the deepest drive inside all people?
the desire to succeed, to be great and to excel
Define the concept called, "Feeding the Pigs."
four concepts that will help us feel successful
Define the terms "focus" and "imaging."
a. focus: the ability to develop a central point. The more we focus on specifics, the greater our chance of success
b. imaging: The Pre-living of goals down to there sights and smells
Explain the difference between success and achievement.
Success is a journey while achievement is a destination. Achievements should be like goals we shoot for and strive for to obtain whereas success is the process that leads up to these achievements.
What is Earl Nightingale's definition of success?
progressive realization of a worthy ideal
Define the Japanese concept of "kaizen."
kaizen is a concept of continuous improvement. Its an ongoing, step by step movement of self improvement.
Give three examples that will explain the difference between success and achievement.
1. Success is the process of losing weight on a consistent basis whereas achievement is reaching a goal of losing 30 lbs after 3 months.
2. Success occurs daily in the course of learning & developing in our classes whereas achievement is our final degree.
3. Success is getting into shape and eating healthy day to day & achievement is fitting into a size 4.
What did the Gallup organizational survey identify as the top two factors of personal success?
1. Good Health
2. Enjoyable Job
Briefly explain Howard Whitman's two criteria of success.
a. Do others think you are a success?
b. Do you think so? THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT
Define what is meant by a "worthy goal."
a goal that enhances self worth & value
What are the four principles of opportunity?
a. preparation must precede opportunity
b. position yourself to meet opportunity
c. look out for and learn to recognize opportunity
d. reach out & grab opportunity when opportunity finally presents herself
Because I have failed at one thing doesn't necessarily mean what?
that I have failed at all things
How do successful people look at failure?
a. potential half-steps toward the future
b. they can win in failure
What are three ways that you can win in failure?
1. you learned something to improve your future performance
2. you improved on your past performance
3. you were able to reach a new personal best
Alexander Dumas says that a person who doubts himself is like what?
a man who would enlist in the ranks of his enemies & bear arms against himself
Tom Hopkins five attitudes toward failure is built upon what philosophy?
That the number of times he succeeds is directly proportional to the number of times he fails and keeps trying
Define "expectations."
anticipation of a future good
Briefly explain the roots of the "Pygmalion Effect."
rooted in greek mythology. We create images of how things should be, and if these images are believed, they become self-fulfilling prophecies
When does the self-fulfilling prophecy occur?
When people become what other people expect them to become
Briefly explain what Robert Rosenthal and Leonard Jacobsen did and what they found out after their experiment with elementary school children.
tested the self-fulfilling prophesy – they found out the prophesy is true
What happened to the football place kicker Kurt Knight when he changed coaches?
His kicking went downhill. He lost his motivation and also missed many easy field goals and extra point attempts.
What are the four conclusions of the self-fulfilling prophecy?
1. We can become what we think about
2. We can become what others expect us to become
3. Positive expectations can bring about a higher level of performance
4. Negative expectations can bring about a lower level of performance
What does the body manifest?
What the mind harbors
How did your instructor change the attitude of the custodian
at UVSC?
he helped him to see the positive things in his job
Define "enthusiasm."
the word means: “God with you” and also “divine inspiration”
Briefly explain the "act as if" principle.
act the way you feel and soon you will feel the way you act.
What are the triple A's of enthusiasm?
1. Acknowledgment
2. Acceptance
3. Approval
Where is your palace of prestige found?
What can you do to create the release of brain chemicals and endorphins?
What is the greatest gift that you have?
the ability to chose the way we think, act or feel
Define "discipline."
control gained by training and obedience
Successful people gain the habit of doing what?
doing things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do
Briefly summarize Benjamin Franklin's strategy he used in replacing bad habits with good habits
He made a graph similar to the following and tried to keep his boxes clear of black spots
Generally, how many days does it take to replace a bad habit?
What are the two discipline keys in new habit development?
1. observation
2. application
Simply stated, what is the spirit of George Gipp?
realizes his potential and is constantly aware of his present situations
What are a few of the suggestions to nurture your "success seeds?"
a. take inventory
b. listen and read
c. read success stories
d. service
e. victory journal
f. filter
g. join a group