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PR builds what?
•Corporate/product identities
•Mutually beneficial relationships
•Helps communicate with key publics
Practitioners are influenced by...
•Their personal values
•Values of society
•Values of employees
Is PR free advertising?
NO!! It involves two-way communication
PR execution phase is...
What is the PR 4 step process?
Research-->planning--> communication--> evaluation
What did early PR firms lack?
What does the planning stage involve in the 4 step process?
strategies developed to meet needs of client
What did industry did PR have a controversial association with?
Tobacco industry
What is the most powerful force in the US economy?
consumer spending
What are psychographics?
opinions and attitude
What do marketing efforts primarily focus on?
What does marketing involve?
Research, creating and refining product/service to distribute to consumer
What Press Agency/publicity model is the most practiced?
The Hunt and Grunig Model of PR
What model do Hunt and Grunig prefer?
two-way symmetrical model
What are the problems with the traditional 4-step model?
-Doesn’t incorporate values
-Implies one step automatically follows another
What is the Resource Dependency Theory?
Organizations rely on resources that are held by other groups
What is coorientation?
Discover areas in which our organization agrees & disagrees with important publics
Define public:
any group whose members share a common interest in a similar situation
Define latent public:
a group whose values have come into contact with the values of your organization but has not realized it
define intervening public:
you communicate with one public in an attempt to reach another public
Define primary public:
a group that can directly influence your organization’s ability to achieve its goals
Public Relations (practitioners) are not licensed by state or federal government..True or false?
Public relations focuses on a broad range of public
Public relations practitioners are concerned about company's bottom line
What is the highest paid and greatest responsibility position for public relations practitioners?
independent consultants
What are the 5 essential elements in public relations?
public relations is....
1. management function
2. involves 2-way communication
3. planned activity
4. research-based social science
5. socially responsible
What are PR agencies
multi-person organization that assists w/PR with another organization
What type of job could a PR practitioner have if working for a nonprofit organization?
church, foundations, hospitals
What type of PR work has the greatest # and variety of jobs?
The PR field is growing much faster than most occupations...True or false
What job is least likely to use "Public Relations" in a job title?
Government job
What is it called when a PR practitioner works with special interest groups?
community relations