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Definition of Public Relations
Practice of developing and/or protecting an organization's identity and projecting that image to target audiences. Being proactive with communication
Importance of Being Proactive
1.Build awareness
2. Educate target audience
3. To develop a positive image
4. Deposits in the trust bank(building up positive reputation) persuade
RACE Method
outright lying to hide what really happened->antiethical to the proper practice of public relations
Functions of PR
writing press releases, media relations (dealing w/ press), planning, counseling, researching, publicity, marketing,communications, investor relations
1.Research/Info Gathering
2.Planning(goals, objectives, strategies, tactics)
4. Follow-up
1. Info gathering
2. Situation Analysis
-What do they know about our existing product?
-What do we want them to know?
When do we do research?
-In the BEGINNING to figure out strategy and unique positioning.
-In the MIDDLE to see how campaign effort is doing
-END for formal evaluation
Public opinion
Until we understand position we can't create mesage. GROUP CONSENSUS
Evaluations individuals make on an issue. Based upon: personal, cultural, educational, familial religious, social class, race
It is hard to change the mind of a person who is staunchly opposed to a particular issue or individual
Attitudes and Opinions
important to PR and PR Campaigns
"Evidence that Persuades People"
-appealing to you
method of Research (telephone, mail interviews, questionairres)
Focus Group
-define your objectives and audience
-recruit your groups
-choose the right moderator
-conduct enough focus groups
-use a discussion guide
-choose proper facilities
Communication Audit
complete analysis of organizations internal and external communication
-puts out communication needs, policies, practices and capabilities
Two Main Research Methods
1. Big Public Opinion
2. Methods (focus groups and surveys)
3 Types of Media
Print, electronic, internet
Print Media
newspapers,magazines, newsletters
Types of newspapers
Daily, weekly, random, national, regional,local
Types of Magazines
weeklies, monthly
To be successful in PR
Accessibility, credability and quotability
-need to understand how media works
Give stories to media through...
Press releases, pitch stories, follow up
Role of reporter
Reprt news in an objective and unbiased way. Job to report facts. Columnists can share opinions
Top 5 Circulated Papers
1. USA Today
2. Wall Street journal
3. New York Times
4. Los Angeles Times
5. Washington Post
never "off duty"
When do you use exclusives?
To get larger stories
Long lead magazine
3-4 months in advance
examples: Cosmo, Glamour
news outlet, news service for other news organizations
Press Monitoring bureau
Press clippings
Dealing with the Media
1. A reporter is a reporter
2.You are the organization
3. Treat journalists professionally
4.Don't sweat the skepticism
5. Don't cop a 'tude
6. Read the paper
Pitching Publicity
1. Know deadlines
2 Generally write, don't call
3. Direct the release to a specific person or editior
4. Dont badger
5. Use exclusives
6. Develop a relationship
Electronic Media
TV and Radio
different from print looks for a good visual. Looks at today and tomorrow
1. All news talk
Video news Relese
Press Release in Video format specifically for television news
-most likely won't use release verbatim
-distributed via satellite
goal:get television nes stories
Satellite Media Tour
Media tour using satellites
PSA(Public Service Announcement)
-Commercial (tv, radio, print)
-for non-print/cause related
4 Aspects for Pitching Radio
1. short focused message
2. localization
3. positive spokesperson
4. timeliness
Inverted Pyramid
Most important info first, writing to reporters
Press Kit
-gives reporter all background information
-essentially folder w/ all relevent info to write a story
Contents of a press kit
-news release (announce news)
-backgrounder(event SRDC)
-bio(CEO, spokesperson ,interesting stories\
-fact sheet: directions, location, date, parking info, cost
Q&A sheet
Goal of press kit
to get STORY (to make writing as easy as possible
Byline Article
writeen by a 3rd party expert, writing article as if reporter
media Advisor
invitation to cover an event (press conference, ribbon cutting etc)
-signals to the press something is happening
-important for tv
Standby Statement
prepared statement, get facts, for emergency (prepared in advance)
-usually looked over by legal team
-to avoid being caught offguard
-concise, clear, and to the point
After 6 ppl who took tylenol died (3 had taken extra strength)
Johnson & Johnson recalled product, offered trade ins for new product, held news conference, put its own spin on story, consulted FBI, They survived and gained 95% of market share