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Public Opinion is usually tied to?
Public Opinion Poll
A poll is a method of what, and is not what?
Method of measuring the concept, not the concept itself
What are the 3 things that Pubop invovle?
1.range of attitudes on current political topics
2.the origins of thses attitudes
3.effects of theses attitudes on behavior
Why do we study pubop?
Because the democratic institutions should result in government decisions that reflect the views of everyday people
When and why did people begin to worry about pubop? Who were the 3 important people of that time?
-The emergence of democratic theories in late 17th-early 18th century
-Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau
Since the emergence of pubop, what has been the focus?
the nature of pubop, and its impact on govt.
-Walter Lippman was a part of what polling era?
-Lippman was influential and prescient critic of what?
-In the books, public opinion, and phantom public, the mass public is said to be 4 things?
-pre-polling era
-mass opinion in the pre-polling era
-1. not informed by facts or social theories 2. sees events as "pictures in their heads" 3.incompetent in matter of politics 4. manipulated by elites
What did Lippman believe about choosing leaders?
the public should choose leaders, then let leaders use their own judgment to guide govt.
-George Gallup was during which era?
-What did he introduce?
-What was Gallups beliefs on pubop?
-modern opinion polls (1936)
-pubop is the aggregation of individual opinions on a particular topic. Pubop is the sum of its individiual parts
-Was Gallup a populist?
-Gallup believed that polls did what 3 things?
1. Mandate form the people
2.Gave clarity and reliability to mass opinion
3.Defeated earlier, elitist arguments
Who are the two people that responed to Gallup?
Herbert Blumer and Lindsay Rogers
Blumer beleive that public opinion is not what?
-He beleives that pubop is the product of what?
The aggregation of individual opinions
-Group interactions, shaped by social context
Blumer: What is preference falsificaiton? Preference conversion?
-People will hide their true opinions to avoid ostracism
-In time, people will change their true opinions in response to social context