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Early versions of Public Health
Born out of human communities concerned for each others

seperate ill or infectious
control the environment
US Health system based on ...
British System
Services of Public Health
prevent epidemics and spread of diseases

protect against environmental hazards

prevent injuries

promote and encourage healthy behaviors and mental health

respond to disasters and help communities in recovery

ensure the quality and accessibility of health services
On the government can perform
Policy Development
The future of Public Health (BOOK)
-consider multiple determinants
-strengthen government infrastructure (backbone)
- Building new generation of intersectoral partnerships
- accountability from all sectors
- evidence and proper decision making
- enhancing and facilitating communication within PH SYST.
Monitor, Research and Diagnostic
Policy Development
Inform, Mobilize and Educate
enforce, offer and evaluate
State Government
Each state has a lead agency for health, maybe involve other state agencies too.

Inconsistency between : state lead agencies and federal responsibility of environmental laws.
State leads ... always ..
make a connection between human illness and enviromental conditions (INVESTIGATE)
state leads ... sometimes ..
regulate and implement environment health laws
State <restructuring>
revamp organization units

combine medicaid with public health

consolidate public health into an agency

move pH out of umbrella agency
Department of Health (OLD or new)
CDPH and department of Health Care services
Local government
carries out MANDATES of state and local ordinances

Delivers public health services to the community

Centralized - LPHAS directly operated by the state
Decentralized - LPHAS formed and controlled by local
Shared - STATE "HAS" some control over LPHA, like budget
Mixed - BOTH C AND D occured, one chose not and one chose to.
61 local public health agencies
61 local health agencies
1 city/county
San Francisco
3 city
Long Beach
57 county
Resolution (funding from sales and property taxes)
General County and city funds
referendum (funding from sales and property taxes)
funds from a tax levy
Legal Powers for PH
US constitution
state holds power unless given to the feds
public health protection is a legal power (local jurisdiction)
Individual rights and the health of a population
health of the population refers to the "whoever" has jurisdiction

attempt at balance

list of health reputable diseases
Surveillance of health risks
mandated by law

TB man .. Under reporting is a problem nearly impossible to quantify.
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Health insurance is to not to disseminate medical records without release or proper authorization.

1996, what you studied at FEX
Areas of health law
environmental, diseases, vital statistics, disease control, testing and immunizations
Isolation vs Quarantine
Isolation: separate the effected and the ALREADY ill from the general population

Quarantine: "" POSSIBLY.