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Accumulated Depreciation
sum of all depreciation since organizations inception
companies loss
Activity ratios
measures of efficiency are we getting "the bang for the buck"
how good
Balance sheet
$$$$ in and out at a particular point in time (date)
keeping records
Capital Structure Ratios
Measures of leverage + equity
(amount borrowed vs. amount invested by owners.
money to investment
Current Assets
Assets on hand that can be liquidated
Current Liabilities
What is currently owed to suppliers/creditors ( usually short term debts only)
must pay
Value gone down due to wear and tear or decline in value of asset.
Depreciation Expense
non-cash "expense" due to depreciation
other than cash
Excess of revenues over expenses
revenue minus operating expenses
r - 0p
money going out
Fund balance
assets - liabilities
("non-profit" version of profit)
non profit version
gross revenue
total of all revenues that "should" be coming in
total that should
Income statement
Shows money in and out for entire year
in and out
fees charged for having debt by the creditor
a rate
Interest expense
money paid to interest
finance charge
Products that are not yet sold
what do you have?
Liquidity ratios
Measures of liquidity (how rapidly a non-cash asset can turn into cash
item into cash
Long-term debt
debts not due in 1 year

Marketable securities
stocks that can be liquidated. (IRA, turn liquidated items into cash $$)
feel safe with stocks
Net accounts receivable
total accounts - estimated amount (cannot collect from accounts)
everything - assumption
Net fixed asset(s)
gross fixed assets - accumulated depreciation
something saved compared to a loss
Net income
income before taxes - taxes amount paid in income tax
before and after tax calculation
Net revenue
gross revenue (expectations) - 'uncollectable' amount

charity care, discounts,,
touch - untouch
Operating expenses
security.. electricity.. payments for services
price-level depreciation
$ in 1994 isnt the same as it is now.
money value over the years
principal payment
money paid to reduce the amount of debt (Not interest)

principal: msrp of the house
to reduce debt
Profitability ratios
measures of profitability, income over expenses
company earning report
$$ coming in from sale or service
Stockholder's equity
Capital stock + retained, amount earned - amount paid to stockholders. earnings (amount of ownership held by stockholders)
stockholders gimme gimme gimme
Total assets
land, property and equipment
things in value besides money
Total income
The sum of all money in
how much you make?
Total revenue
money you make
the fruits of labor
System of payment for each customer

(count by each heads served, not by heads successfully served)
fee-for- service system